Looking for the perfect bracelet? First understand the bracelet taxonomy!

bracelet-stylesEvery fashion-conscious girl needs a perfect jewelry to glam up her attire. Today the various patterns are available in jewelry, and it is not only about precious gemstone or metal anymore. Fashion jewelry is also ruling the chart and has come as perfect option for the females, as now they don’t have to splurge high-amount of money to stock-up jewelry for each outfit of theirs. Speaking of jewelry, you would all agree that earrings are a must for every girl, as it gives a whole new look to your attire.

But now it is not just about earrings, but bracelets have also become an essential part of your jewelry closet, as they enhance the beauty of your hands and attract attention towards them. There are many designs which come in bracelets, so when picking the right one, you must be aware of the type of bracelets available in the market. So here we will be discussing the bracelet nomenclature in depth, hence it would be easy for you to have the perfect pick.

This type of bracelet slips easily onto your wrist and is designed with solid metal in continuous circle. As the metal varies in every design, so you can choose as per your taste, whether you want to opt for gold, silver, bronze or other metals like white gold, etc. They are often worn in pile as they create a soothing musical effect.

Chain: They make for the most elegant pattern, and come in precious to semi-precious metal. Chain bracelet adds a touch of class to your outfit, and they are best for party outing. With it being low-key, you can also wear your sleek necklace and earrings; still it won’t be too much.

This is the best statement accessory, which is designed with a kind of flexible metal, so it can fit your wrist. They come in leather as well, and are best for both casual and party look. However, when wearing cuff bracelet, keep the rest of jewelry simple, so that the attention remains on cuff.

This is again a flexible bracelet, which is accentuated with diamonds put together in line, closely. Tiny diamonds are used in this to shape up a single bracelet. These days, tennis bracelet comes designed with colored gemstones as well.

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