Let the beauty of shimmering Gold add the polished finish to your look!

We have two worlds of fashion- one is all about what’s hot and what’s not and includes current trends and is always searching for the next gleaming thing, the second world of fashion is ruled by timeless and all-time-favorite styles. They are one that can steal your heart without making much effort. That side is about creating memorable, outstanding and timeless pieces, whose value and popularity simply never fades. Today we are going to browse through the most famous and adorable metal Gold and its jewellery, which always stood strong in popularity and even contributed on changing the face of fashion from time to time.

Whether it is a wedding, an engagement, or any other event, gold has is seen everywhere with traditional to contemporary designs. Be it at red carpet or real life, gold accessories, like a statement necklace, dainty ring, dazzling earrings or a personalized piece, girls have been seen going crazy of it. Gold has proved again to be bold and most precious among all metals time and again. So, what are you waiting for let the beauty of this shimmering metal add the polished finish to your look. Wear a dainty to statement piece and the impact can be just as strong as desired to be. In fact, you would find that this season is all about more refined jewellery that really speaks for itself. If however you love your bold prints and pop colors, then opt for gold jewellery which incorporates elements of this.

Bold statement necklace: Keep your style simple yet elegant with a gemstones studded gorgeous gold necklace that is sure to add colors and texture to your outfit. A tear drop gold set appeals to the Indian traditional sensibilities and will go with your all the ethnic outfits. You can pick colorful and diamond embedded necklace piece, which looks classy and makes any outfit stand out. A plain gold chain or pendant set will too make you look elegant.

Dazzling earrings: From classic to modern, there are countless designs and patterns available in gold earrings. Pick a jhumka style piece that make you look close to Indian style, while gold studs, hoops and dangles are here to give edginess to any look. If divine jewelry is what you like most then go with traditional motif-ed earrings that are the best buy for a festive occasion.

Bracelets and bangles: Gold bangles are incredibly popular and all time adorable to women. Buy any four-piece of two-piece set that you can wear daily to special events. They look graceful in every hand. Floral motifs bangles along with the rubies will add to any ethnic outfit. About bracelet, elegant and on trend, the sophisticated knotted and charm enamel bracelets look great on their own or stacked up together.

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