Learn the art of combining Rose Gold jewellery with other colored accessories!

Rose Gold is undoubtedly becoming hottest trend in jeweler industry, making a huge fashion comeback. From major runways to ramps and in real life, you can see lots more of this warm, tempting, rosy metal from fingers to toes. Also called as Pink Gold, this looks gorgeous and gives an instantaneous warm and romantic feel to any look. You can not only pair this captivating metal with certain other fashion metal finishes, but also with some wow punch colors. Here take some clues and learn the art of combining them with other metals and colored jewellery-

Pair it with Diamond

Rose Gold With Diamond

Rose Gold With Diamond


This combination would be great to sustain the classic and chic look altogether. You have choices to mix white or black diamond with any of your Rose Gold Jewellery, in both selections rose Gold really makes the rosy color pop and the diamonds sparkle like crazy. Rose Gold plated Stainless steel products are also a great option to pick from as they are affordable and durable.

Mix it with copper toned accessories

Copper Toned (Source: relique.mysupadupa.com)

Copper Toned (Source: relique.mysupadupa.com)


Rose Gold is made primarily by mixing copper with Gold, actually all type of Gold do because Gold is such a soft metal. So your second rose Gold fashion tip is to pair it with copper jewellery. Be it bracelets, rings, or earrings, inexpensive copper jewelry will set off the glow of a single piece of rose Gold jewellery, keeping you in the right color without breaking your budget.

Mix and Match

Rose - Yellow - White (Source: itshot.com)

Rose – Yellow – White (Source: itshot.com)


Create threesome of yellow, white and rose Gold. Stop being committed to one metal color and enjoy layering short and long necklaces and stacking bangles and bracelets, silver-rose Gold, Gold-rose Gold, or silver-Gold. This can be very fun when you feel like you want spruce up a plain and casual outfit. You can also put on white, yellow and rose Gold bangles on your wrist or layer different colored Gold necklaces in different lengths.

Nail the Rose Gold

Nail the Rose Gold (Source: pinterest.com)

Nail the Rose Gold (Source: pinterest.com)


There are lots of polishes in rose hold hues, from pink to salmon pink, carnation pink to hot pink that you can choose from. You can create oh-so sultry look pairing rings with nude nail polish, and for dramatic look you can pair our Morganite and black diamond ring with black nail polish which looks hot. If you want to give your rose Gold jewelry an even rosier glow than simply pair it with coral, rose quartz or red crystal earrings or bracelets for the ultimate red Gold glow.

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