The must have accessories for your wardrobe before arrival of Monsoon!

monsoon-must-havesFinally, after giving us the most exasperating and annoying feeling of heat, the sun has dropped few degrees and is under control now. We all are joyous and preparing ourselves for the arrival of dearest season Monsoon where love and romance would not leave a single stone unturned in painting the town red. So, all you sexy divas do prepare your closet for forthcoming rainy season with best of accessories that will flaunt your style to the greatest. Here we have made a list of most essential chic accessories you should add to complete your gorgeous look-

1. The Statement Shoe- The more vibrant colors you add the more you look sensational in the season, so don’t underrate when it comes to footwear. Bring a classic pair of pumps or ballet flats in red, coral, yellow, or any of the metallic shades with a black, white, or grey which really sets you apart and elevates your look.

2. The Pop Of Colour Handbag- Handbags are not just handbags now, they play a vital role in making a look tempting so bring some colour into your wardrobe, and without the commitment of wearing a colour that may or may not be within your comfort zone. Go with plastic tote that are safer in rainy season. Choose a bag with simple, clean lines for the best effect. Envelope clutches and satchels make particularly good choices.

3. An Incredible Statement Necklace- This is one incredible style trends that rock your look instantly. Oversized necklaces with heavily artistic flair were all over the runways. Choose from bulky, outsized chain necklaces to the more intricate, tribally-inspired statement pieces. Let your neckline twinkle in the rainbow season with pride and elegance.

4. Bring On The Bling of Diamonds- This surely has brought a smile on your face, we know it girls that there is nothing on this planet that shines like a diamond and add glamour to your persona. When the weather is ugly and there isn’t a lot of natural light, add some of your own by reaching for this precious gem. Go with crystal jewellery which is affordable and durable or any other glossy gemstone pieces that suits your style statement.

5. Multi Finger Rings- Wear a series of small, thin rings on multiple fingers, this is the hottest trend in vogue that has given a shift to large cocktail rings too. This unique look can impart many different vibes to a look, from bohemian to luxe depending on your choice of jewelry.

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