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ruby meaningClassic ruby jewelry is getting popular these days and it can be seen everywhere. However not many know about ruby’s significance in ancient tradition and fable. It was perceived as one of the most splendid gems and esteemed all through the past in many cultures. It was called ratnaraj and ratnanayaka (leader of precious stones) by Hindus. In ancient texts ruby has been cited as “the beautiful clear and fine Ruby is the lord of stones; it is the gem of gems, and surpasses all other precious stones in virtue.”

Ruby is also said to be the most precious of the twelve stones God created when He created all creatures, and it was considered to be the fourth gem in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest of the Second Temple engraved with the tribe of Judah. In antiquity, ruby is seen as a symbol of the sun, and it holds the lineage of humanity. It sparkles brightly which indicates inextinguishable blaze inside the stone which is impossible to hide, as whether you cover the gem with a cloth or any substance, it will shine through.

It is put by an Eastern legend that according to the Talmud, Abraham kept his many wives detained in an iron city, and to provide them light, he placed a bowl of Rubies in the middle of the city as it satiated all the air with luster. In Hindu mythology, it was said that Ruby smolders so hot that if it is casted into water, it would transmit its ignition to the liquid inducing it to boil. While Greeks alleged that if Ruby were to carve on wax, it is going to thaw the wax. In fact, it was once believed that Ruby were male and female, as the darker red and Star Rubies were supposed to be male, while ones with lighter hue were female.

Since ancient times and even through the Middle Ages, folks wore Ruby as an amulet to stave off plague and pestilence, and it provided the wearer with the merit of prudence, and casted out sorrow and baseless, irrational feelings. It was claimed that it will bring peace in the life of the user and chase away fearsome dreams, control desire, and help settle down disputes. Interestingly, not only it protected the carrier from all threats, but if the four corners of a home, backyard or winery were in contact of this precious stone, they would be sealed from lightning, storms, and insects. Even today, Ruby is said to fetch its owner success and tranquility, and when one keep hold of a bit of Ruby, prosperity is never going away.

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