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pearl ringIn this fast-pacing world of today it doesn’t take much to fall victim of anxiety and feel like a lost soul. You can often find people wondering about their very existence and they appear lost when the sense of purpose is lacking in their life. Even though, for some “Live in the moment” funda do wonders, but it may not work for others. And, at times it happens that you fail to make even your ‘present’ beautiful. There are constant mood swings, annoyance, and that so called “lost feeling”, which makes it tough to enjoy the moment we’re in and all we end up doing is worrying, worrying and worrying.

In fact, most of the times, we don’t really know what actually is wrong, as everything might be perfect in your life, but still you fail to be entirely happy and feel content. Mostly, these traits are found the people born under cancer sign. Yes, the Cancerians, The Crab, who are considered to be complex individuals, with them being prone to mood swings, which are mostly unpredictable. While spiritual experience can surely cure the anxiety, but you are choose a different route as well, by giving your magical birthstone a chance.

Pearl, the queen of gemstones and the gemstone of the queens, and it is also referred as ‘moti’. The birthstone for the zodiac sign Cancer, pearl is related with the Moon which is depiction of the mind. Find from the sea, pearls can be found in various shapes and colors, and it is the symbol of purity and innocence. The gemstone has cooling property and is often advised to people who have temper problem. By wearing pearl, you feel calm and succeed in keeping anxiety at bay. You get to welcome prosperity and sense of permanence.

Even when a person is mentally weak and emotionally fragile, and keeps worrying about his/her life, then, by wearing pearl these problems can be cured. It has reassuring effect on pessimists and depressed people and inspires them to feel love and compassion for themselves as well as others. For the auspicious occasions like weddings, graduation, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, pearl is considered best gift. It is birthstone for the ones born in the month of June, at the same time it is Traditional and Mystical Birthstone for the November-born.

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