Junk Jewellery- A New Emerging Trend in Jewellery Market

When the term ‘Jewellery’ clicks, gold, diamond, platinum, silver and precious gemstones are some other words which click along with it. Jewellery can’t be described without the mention of its traditional forms like gold, diamond, platinum, silver and precious stones. But gone are the days when these precious stones and metals were the only thing to drool over for jewellery lovers. These days junk is gaining ground as the time and requirements have molded the designs, metals and structure of jewellery.

The jewellery which can be worn daily need to be lighter in weight and much pocket friendly in case if its lost. Those times when jewellery was the only option to be worn in big occasions, celebrations and parties, but now its accessories which need to be adorned & teamed up with attires and funk and fun of matching and mixing these become a need. Junk jewellery comes with those dark bronze metals but still give that young look due to the designs and colors. There are many benefits of wearing junk jewellery. Few of them are noted below.

Pocket friendly: The first and the best advantage is the affordability of junk jewellery. One can actually buy many jewels in the budget set for the original pocket burning gold, silver and diamond jewellery. The pocket-friendliness is considered the first and foremost factor to be on wish list of many jewellery lovers who want to buy jewels in bulk in lesser price.

ü Variety: while buying the original gold jewellery, one can buy in limits. On the other side junk jewellery can be bought in bulk and one can have variety in jewels while wearing them.

ü Mix & match: be it a dress for the desk or any evening attire, or just an accessory needed to be teamed up with school uniform, junk has all the funk and fun with it. There are options lined up for mixing and matching these vibrant accessories to any attire you want.

ü No fear of loss: every jewel is to be treasured but when it comes to costly jewellery like gold and platinum then the fear of losing them is the worst which is not there with junk jewellery.

Types of Junk Jewellery:

Brass jewellery: brass might be not that highly priced metal but brass jewelry including both alloyed and pure one are considered among desired jewellery. Brass bangles are specially desired and liked by women all over the world. Be it any kind of beads or shells, junk jewellery is majorly wired and connected with brass metal.

Bone & Horn: one of the reasons of junk jewellery being so popular in demand is its designs and craft made on it. Those designs are also the effect of smoking, burning, staining, etching and bleaching on shells and bones to create the heavy junky effect.

Beads: Beads come in many colors, designs, shapes and variety. Beads are perhaps the most commonly used jewel pieces used to compose junk jewellery. Spectrum of colorful beads is what makes a junk jewel eye catching.

Wood: Wood made jewellery can give the best of sophisticated, classy yet trendy look. Wood jewellery never becomes monotonous as it’s available in many earthen and natural colors. The shade and feel of wood give it a raw outlook.

Besides these, there are many other metals & stones which are used in junk jewellery like paper, leather, glass, ceramic, clay, and plastic and also semi precious gemstones like topaz, citrine, turquoise and many more.

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