July Birthstone Ruby Jewellery – Fiery Red Gemstone for Love and Passion

Red color is associated with passion and love, due to its fiery nature it is most loved by youngsters. They confess their love and feelings to their beloved by giving a red rose. Same goes with gemstone Ruby, its deep red color escalates a new energy in everyone. The red color is caused mainly by the presence of the element chromium. It is among the four popular and precious stones in the world considering diamond, emerald and sapphire. Ruby got its name after from the Latin word Ruber which means Red.

The gemstone is found as crystals within metamorphic rock, it is a variety of the mineral Corundum which is the second hardest mineral after diamond. Rubies are found in different colors from an orangey red to a purplish red but true red rubies are considered as the most valuable gemstones. Large sized rubies are the most prized and very rare to found. The fiery gemstone was called as the Rajnapura or King of Gems by ancient Hindus.

In earlier times, the gemstone was considered to have magical powers. People had a view that the color of gemstone used to grow darker when peril was imminent and once the danger is passed it used to come back its original color. Ruby was worn by royalty as a talisman against evil. The red gemstone symbolizes everlasting love, its red glow comes from an internal flame that cannot be extinguished. Due to this quality it is called as a perfect engagement gem. Ruby brings good fortune if worn in left hand.

The fiery and deep red Ruby is a traditional birthstone for the people who are born in the month of July. Ruby is blessed with the properties like integrity, devotion, happiness and courage. The July birthstone is also an effective healer, it increases positivity and cure the health problems related to the blood and infection.

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