Jewelry Trends In 2013

Fashion one of the most pronounced words in modern civilization mirrors true definition of time in its nature. It never stops changing and follows no rule other than changing every time. 2012 has gone and 2013 is ahead in which we will witness new trends in jewellery design industry induced by leading world fashion designers. Let’s read what changes will be witnessed by the jewellery design industry in the forthcoming year of 2013.

Minimalistic Jewellery
Heavy jewellery is all set to blank the place for new jewellery designs in vogue subsequently we will see elite class wearing minimalistic yet pretty gorgeous jewellery. The common people will also follow the trend by putting on minimalistic jewellery.

Hair Jewellery
Hair jewellery is succeeding to create prominent place in every girl’s jewellery box. Hair jewellery including barrettes, hair bands and brooches pins are geared up to appeal to younger generation.

Tribal Designs
If you think we are civilized and it’s time to say good bye to tribal rituals, you might be wrong. If jewellery trade analysts are to be believed, tribal designs are returning to mainstream trends as leading celebrities are flaunting off their wild side putting on such nice looking pieces from fashion even many of them like to customize jewellery to instill tribal touch in their jewellery box.

Unconventional Designs
In 2013, jewellery designers will introduce a new wave of unconventional designs inspired by nature as well as engineering progress. Definitely this will

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be seen in the jewellery design too where design will have geometric and animal shapes molding in naturally gorgeous jewellery designs.

Platinum and Silver will share the crown
Gold is regarded as the most trusted movable investment which you can cash anytime, anywhere to fade out rainy days. The fact will be remained same in year 2013 though gold will be seen in lockers rather than in jewellery designs because jewellery designers are motivated to use white metal base (such as silver and Platinum) to handcraft new concepts in jewellery designs. In other words, gold will not be entertained as jewellery metal but a good investment alternate resulting in more choices in silver and platinum jewellery.

Button earrings
If you have googled for new earring designs you would have noticed button earrings are dominating in search results. Surely button earrings were sparkling Hollywood beauties on red carpet events; the trend is not going to anywhere this year too that you can check on Amazon and EBay the two largest online jewellery selling stores.

Multi-stone & enameled funky jewellery
Generation X does not like old ideas hence they are adopting new concepts of chic, trendy, multi-stone and enameled jewellery to emphasize their style statement. The trend will reach new heights in 2013 as more youths are ready to give a try to such lovely pieces of jewellery designs in coming days.

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