Jewelry Insurance: Have you got your jewelry protected?

jewellery insuranceJewelry is most adored by us due to both monetary and emotional reasons attached to it. Whether it is ancestral gold set or the rock gifted to you on your engagement or marriage, or even the gold coins you bought on the auspicious occasions like Dhanteras, the jewelry is most adored as the hard-earned money is spent on these valued possessions. These jewelry pieces reflect your personality and they symbolizes your feelings for the loved ones and for the womb-to-tomb relationships you possess. Due to the sentimental attachments and noting the money that has been spent on them, we tend to protect our jewelry from burglary, damage, baffling disappearance. It is nothing different from protecting anything of utter significance. Hence, jewelry insurance comes across as a viable options and even though it is nowhere close to romance, still the step is worthy enough, noting it would provide you the peace of mind.

While most people keep the monetary investment in mind while buying a jewelry piece, but if you think in depth about the process you went through to buy the piece, you’ll realize that the hours, days and weeks were spent in the jewelry shopping, no matter it was by you or by the person who presented the piece of jewelry to you, as a gift. Apart from the time spent in shopping, you or the other person must have also made the effort to work with a jeweler or the craftsman to specify how exactly you want the piece to be designed. And don’t forget to count how your relative or friend (lest, the jewelry was gifted) went on to chose the ideal time and place to gift it to you. Besides, jewelry is also linked with our life’s most treasured events, and due to these reasons, one tries their best to protect the jewelry, and that’s why jewelry insurance comes forward as a worthy option. Even though, some may feel that keeping jewelry in a bank locker is also a safe option, and of course it is, but our idea is, you buy jewelry to wear it, and not to lock it away in the lockers. So, jewelry insurance remains to be the trendiest way to protect your jewelry pieces.

To start with jewelry insurance procedure, first you must get an appraisal in order to get your jewelry insured. For those unaware, appraisal is an in depth depiction and scrutiny of your jewelry. You can get it done by a jewelry store and most trusted jewelry stores are eligible to do appraisals, however, keep in mind that the store you’re going in have GIA certified gemologists. After getting done with the first step, it’s time to contact the insurance organization and the insurance agent will update you with the right policy which fulfills your needs. That why you can secure yourself from suffering a financial loss, though we truly understand the sentimental value of your jewelry, but still you can protect your asset in case it gets lost. However, you must renew your appraisals every two years to match up the market prices. You can also buy the jewelry ranging from precious stones, semi-precious to fashion at, at exciting prices.

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