Jewelry Care: Maintain the sparkle of your jewelry following these easy steps!

Silver-Jewelry-Care-640x285They say jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles. Hence proved, women’s love for jewelry is no less than a miracle. However, just like the man in your life needs your care and affection, same goes with jewelry pieces and you must take care of the treasured jewelry to maintain its quality for years to come. Your jewelry can easily last a lifetime or even beyond if you take proper care of it, so here we will be discussing the best ways following which you can be guaranteed of the care of your jewelry pieces.

It happens that after a period of time even diamond jewelry loses its sheen, and the pearls also seem dull. Same way, sterling silver also doesn’t shine the way it did before. Therefore, it’s time that you do some cleaning of your jewelry, and find ways to bring back the sparkle and glisten of your jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry: Even though they are the hardest of mineral, still diamonds require your special attention. All you have to do is drench the sparklers for 15 to 20 minutes in warm water with mild liquid detergent. Then remove it and clean the jewelry with the help of soft-brush. Rinse again with warm water then simply blot it dry with a soft fabric.

Precious Gems Jewelry: Firstly make sure that you soak the gemstones separately to avoid the scratching. You need to prepare a solution with warm water and mild softener free dish soap. After soaking them for a while, brush them gently to let go of the dirt, and then let them dry.

Pearls Jewelry: They really need special care. Keep in mind that you put on the pearl jewelry after you are completely done with the makeup and put on fragrance. After taking them off, clean the jewelry with soft lint-free cloth. On timely basis you can clean them with warm soapy solution, and never wipe them with abrasive cloth.

Silver Jewelry: It gets tarnished quickly hence advised to keep it in a plastic zipped bag, to make sure the air doesn’t pass through. Use white toothpaste to clean the jewelry with a soft cloth. Once done with it, wipe it with soft lint-free cloth. This way the shine will remain longer.

Gold Jewelry: Just like diamonds and other gems, soak the gold jewelry in warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub it with soft-bristle brush. After rinsing with warm water, dry it with soft polishing cloth.

We hope these tips come in handy to make your jewelry look new and sparkling eternally!

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