Jewelry box essentials: What all you need to make a statement?

jewellery boxJewelry is a great idea of expressing yourself and hence it is must for a woman to enhance her beauty and reveal her character with the jewelry pieces she opts for. The earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, all are necessary to add a sparkle to your personality. Also just as little black dress is considered must-have outfit in every woman’s closet, same way there are few jewelry pieces which must always be present in your jewelry box. In fact, women of all age must have these essentials in their jewels collection. So let’s find out whether you have your closet is filled with these staples or what actually is missing.

Classic Watch: Ideal for everyday wear, every woman must own a classic watch. Instead of going for a dressier watch, it would be advised that you choose something classic, as its trend is forever. We agree that in this day and age, you can get to know the time easily through mobile phones, laptop or say car dashboard, but a wrist watch is still important piece of accessory.

Pearl jewelry set: After diamonds, pearls are considered to be a lady’s second best friend. Classic and always in trend, a pearl jewelry set is a must-have in your jewelry box. Either it is a casual outing or party, pearls can come in handy at all times. They are elegant, easy to carry and immensely stylish. Whether it is your summer dress, or formal gown, or even a casual outfit, you can never afford to go wrong with pearls, and hence you must own them.

Diamond stud earrings: This classic style can be carried from a party outfit to a casual one and still you will always come across as someone very sophisticated, as they go perfectly well with every style. Even if you can’t afford the precious diamond, you can still flaunt your love for them by opting for American diamonds or white cubic zirconia studs as they too give the impression of real diamonds. They can be worn to all occasions and with every color outfit. Isn’t it exciting?

Long necklace: Either you wear it every day or on special occasions, long necklace will instantly put you in the league of fashionistas. They go with all outfits and on every occasion. You can have a pick among

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