Is it all right to wear jewelry while shedding those extra kilos in gym?

gym jewelleryWomen’s love for jewelry is eternal and nothing really can beat that. After all, jewelry can make a whole difference to your appearance and you will be ready to shine on all occasions, in a go. Whether it’s a party look, casual look, or office look, you can add-on jewelry for the sparkling change. However, still there is one place, where you must not have dared entering with your jewelry-on. We’re sure you didn’t have to think too much before reaching the conclusion that we’re indeed talking about gym, where it is considered inappropriate to wear jewelry.

But now as times are changing and with style being preferred over everything, fashion-conscious ladies are actually making up an effort to look good while working out as well. With water-proof makeup available in the market, one can see well-groomed gymmers as well. However, the question that remains the same is whether it is appropriate to take pain to look good in gym or not. Well, our suggestion would be to keep it as less as possible, in terms of makeup as well as jewelry. It is really great that today you can easily track waterproof makeup, but still you don’t have to look all done-up while in gym, as eventually you’re there to sweat and not to leave an impression with your good looks. So, our suggestion would be to just carry eyeliner and lip-balm, as that would be enough.

When it comes to jewelry, keep it as less as possible. Make sure you keep the hanging ones out of your way as they will only cause disturbance when you are trying to burn those extra calories making body movements. Here we will be discussing about what actually are the appropriate jewelry pieces for gym.

Stud earrings: It won’t be wrong to say that this type of jewelry can be carried on every occasion and you really don’t have to think twice. You can choose the stone as per your choice, as same goes with shape.

Tennis bracelets: Go for the one, which fits you perfectly and here you are all ready to make yourself look appealing while carrying those weights. Wrap bracelets in leather also makes for comfortable and stylish gym accessory.

Leather jewelry: Need not say, they are the best ones for gym, as nor they make noise like other metals will, and the leather turns soft when you sweat, so it can be easily worn in gym.

Other than these you can also wear pendant necklaces (not the dangling ones) and plain rings. Make sure you don’t carry precious jewelry like diamonds to gym. Click on to find the best jewelry!

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