Investment Tips- Best diamond jewellery you should buy this season!

diamond-ringTime and again it has been said that diamonds are every girl’s first desire and there is no denying in the truth. Most women really and truly love diamonds which are classic and always in style. They can be worn with everything from LBD or wedding gown to ripped-up denim. If you are also looking to include this gorgeous gem in your jewellery wardrobe than you might be interested to know in which diamond jewellery you should spend your money. Here we give you most famous, useful and investment-friendly jewellery products that you can buy today and cherish forever.

Here they are:

1. Diamond ring- Mostly used as engagement ring, a diamond studded ring can also be brought without this special tag. It is a life-time investment that you will want to wear for the rest of your life. A diamond ring is low-maintenance, sophisticated, and goes with absolutely everything you might have in your wardrobe. About the quality, it is wise decision to spend little extra money to get a ring that is of good quality, else the size, cut and clarity is ultimately up to you. Treat it as an investment. An 18k yellow gold ring crafted with genuine white diamond is something that’s always in trend and all time charming piece. It can be worn with any western or ethnic clothes you have in your closets.

2. Diamond Studs- Weather you want them in silver or gold, a pair of diamond studs is a whisper, not a shout. They look gorgeous in gold and stunning in silver and fit for any woman on any occasion. Practically and knowing the worth of diamond, it is not possible for most women to buy long, full-fledged earrings, so in that case to get the most out of your investment, you probably want to stick with something between a half a carat and a carat and a half. Opt for a cut that will stand the test of time; as tempting as it may be to get that heart-shaped diamond or something that is designer. Classic round, and princess (square) cut diamonds are the most popular and timeless cuts of all.

3. White gold Diamond pendant- If you are in race to extend your feminine quotient all classically and gracefully than go with white gold diamond pendant especially in heart shape. A small pendant studded with bunch of mini diamonds will make you look incredible with anything you wear and wherever you go. You will feel like making a fashion statement with graceful gestures and people will turn around you to get a glimpse of your pendant. Silver looks more prompt with diamond so choose a silver chain with the pendant.

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