Ignore the ever increasing prices of diamonds; you can still buy them!

dimondsDiamonds are girls’ best friend and there is no arguing over the same, however, now with the ever increasing price of the sparkler, it might not to be that affordable for many, as the price is going sky high, due to which many customers may stay away from buying the sparklers, or they might wait until there is a slump in diamond costs, which we don’t see coming in coming years. The simple funda of economics, where demand increases supply, which eventually leads in price hike, applies here as well. In fact, it is predicted that the diamond prices would rise 6% per year between 2014 to 2020, which means this period is going to be really typical one for the fashionistas, as they would have to put a lot of thought before placing an order for diamond jewellery. But still you need not to worry as there could be several ways following by which you can still continue your love for the diamond pieces.

In a way the inflation in diamond prices is good, if you look at it as the investment point of view. While earlier people invested in gold, now they are also looking at diamond as the good investment option, noting the price is going high every year. As a matter of fact, the new saying could be that diamonds are investor’s best friend noting the rise in demand and fall in supply. However, you must do your homework before investing in the stones as fraudulent do exist and be sure about the piece you will be buying.

However, if investing is not your cup of tea and you rather see diamonds from fashion perspective that here is the easiest way to buy diamond jewellery. What comes to notice is that diamond prices go up exponentially with carat and weight. So what you can do is, instead of buying already designed diamond jewellery, get it designed rather. While doing so you can use tiny diamonds in a setting that would seem like a single big diamond. Other than that, you can go for colored gemstones as they are cost effective and that’s why they won’t be harsh on your pocket. You can buy the best of designs at Johareez.com at never before prices.

Simply choose which option would be more feasible for you and go with that!

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