Icy-Blue Topaz Jewellery for the December-born

Rich and magnificent, the blue topaz gemstone is one of the most striking and admired gemstones today. These sheeny blue stones have arrested our eyes and encouraged our imaginations since ages.

With colours ranging from light to bold, jewellery with topaz gemstone is believed to aid one’s attractiveness and temper.

The beautiful hue- Topaz Blue

Blue topaz jewellery can usually be found in pale sky blue, deep London blue and cool Swiss blue.
The sparkled stones induce scenes of the sky, water and the wind.
Wearing a jewel of topaz helps us channel peaceful energy and tussle off negative emotions.

A Symbol of Calm and Peace- Topaz

Icy-blue is the colour of calm.
Topaz promotes relaxation and it is exclusively helpful in curing hurt feelings.
In the ancient times, people used to wear topaz to pacify fears and guard against nightmares.
Earlier, topaz was used to help lighten burns, cool hot water and avoid anger or instability.

Healing aspects of Blue Topaz

The gemstone has its own perceived health benefits

Regulating heart function
Improved eyesight
Decreased headache
Glandular health
Ease arthritis pain
Ease anxiety and depression

Concentration and Communication- Topaz

Blue topaz is an enormously significant gem when it is about mental ability.
Topaz helps channel our opinions to promote focus and perception.
Wearing this turquoise jewellery may also help in making you a successful communicator, delivering speeches, or expressing emotions.

The gem of love and loyalty- Topaz

Associated with love, this gemstone symbolises never-ending romance. Blue topaz jewellery represents sincerity and emotional affection.

For special occasions and significance

Blue topaz is the birthstone for December born babies, which is appropriate due to the clarity and sparkling quality of gem.
Topaz is the stone for the 4th and 19th marriage anniversary.
Blue Topaz also comes as a perfect gift of jewellery counting turquoise earrings, pendants and rings.
Gifts of topaz jewellery like turquoise jhoomki or sterling silver white topaz, or anything of your choice commit a loyal relationship.

Do’s and Don’ts: Care for your Topaz Jewellery

The best method to clean topaz jewel is with lukewarm soapy water.
Do not clean topaz in an ultrasonic cleaner or a steamer.
Protect the stone from exposure to acids, rapid temperature change, or heat as the stone will lose its colour if kept out in the heat.
Topaz is comparatively hard, but can break if dropped. So handle it with care.

To conclude, Blue topaz represents loyalty, love and better understanding. The blue topaz gemstone is very important for love birds. Experts suggest wearing swiss blue topaz ring is a good option.

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