How to Take Care of Your Precious Coral Jewellery

How to Take Care of Your Precious Coral JewelryCoral is more than a precious jewel. It begins life in living organism only to be ended in precious coral jewellery. It is loved by the nature lovers who want to adore their beauty nothing less than life, thus they prefer to wear organic gems including coral and amber.

How coral is created
Coral alike pearl, is an organic product formed consuming calcium. The animal lives a complicated life cycle creating large colonies which may look like a big rock or trees in the sea. Coral is constructed as a limestone skeleton made of calcium.

Coral comes in several variations of colours from baby pink to blood red and black. According the industry experts, the more even the colour of a coral, the greater its value. Precious coral comes from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, the Mediterranean and the Sea of Japan.

Coral in jewellery industry
Coral is regarded for its magnificent appearance which makes it extremely perfect to set on in jewellery like necklaces, brooches and rings. It is used as beads in different shapes in jewellery designs. Furthermore, before using in jewellery industry coral is polished to make it sparkling giving it a gorgeous presence.

How to clean coral
Coral is a soft gentle stone. It should be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth applying warm soapy water. It must not be put in an ultrasonic cleaner or gemstone cleaning chemicals as these would harm its texture.

Avoid perfume, oils and make-up products to keep it shining forever. Take off your coral jewellery before you go for swimming, cleaning or cooking with vinegar to keep it safe.

How to store coral
Coral jewellery should be stored in a soft silky fabric pouch to avoid scratches on its surface. It should not be stored with other stone such as jewels because they can scratch it ruining your precious coral jewellery.

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