How to Take Care And Clean Your Brass Jewellery

Designer brass jewellery is the new gravity centre in the streets. Brass carries a few extraordinary features in comparison of other precious metal such as it is cheap, durable and can be used to replace precious metals like gold and silver. However brass metal is less resistance to dirt and soon begins to tarnish or dull. But this is not the end of the world for brass jewellery lovers as there are various methods to get rid of tarnish.

Wash with hot water
Cleaning a brass jewellery is quite simple and requires no hard efforts. Take warm water in a bowl and place your jewellery inside the bowl for a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the dirt. Put it out of the bowl and gently scrub with a soft, clean cotton cloth. You can also use a bristled tooth brush instead the cloth to clean your jewellery.

Rinse in soapy water
Make a water solution with mild soap and rinse the jewellery with it using bristled toothbrush. It’s also effective to remove normal dust and tarnish from the jewellery.

Apply natural cleaners
Nature has a solution for every problem of the world thus it also offers natural cleaners to clean the brass metal. You can clean your brass jewellery applying juices of natural fruits like lemon, orange, tomato sauce, water and salt solution and so on. Rub the natural extract/ juice on the jewellery and wash it with fresh water after a few minutes. It will take away all dirt stick with the jewellery and it works perfectly to produce a shimmering shine to your metal jewellery without using harmful chemicals.

Use brass metal cleaners
If the brass jewellery is tarnished too much, apply specialized brass cleaners. But don’t forget to read and follow instructions provided by the product manufacturer because sometimes these cleaners contain powerful reagents and can harm gems crafted in the jewellery.

Important things to remember

  1. Don’t clean antique brass jewellery as tarnish adds additional value to the original pieces. If you clean that piece too, it will lose its historical value turning into a common jewellery article available in the market.
  2. Before cleaning brass jewellery ensure that it is real brass metal instead brass plated. Brass plated jewellery can be cleaned with soap and water but other things will ruin the brass polishing done on the jewellery.
  3. If the brass jewellery contains gems, take expert’s advice before applying anything other than a solution of mild soap as the cleaner can harm your gemstones.

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