How to Sale Your Handmade Designer Jewellery?

Are you a jewellery designer and are not sure how to sell your handmade jewellery? Selling your designer handmade jewellery products requires professional market expertise more than your artistic designing skills. This article will enlighten you to materialize your thought.

Get organized. Definitely you would have dozens of ideas to show your creativity in jewellery products. Very firstly, categorize these products or ideas naming them attractively with a description of each piece. Take their photographs and arrange in an appropriate hierarchy to display in your (online or offline) shop. This helps you to provide various products conveniently to the futuristic consumers.

Pick a good business name. Choosing a good business name is first and topmost priority for every business before its beginning. The name must be mind-grabbing, capable to receive mass-attention and easy to pronounce so it can be memorised by one and all. Besides this, business name separates you from other business leaders and competitors.

Decide how you want to sell it. There are two ways – online and offline. Online is a web based business model where you don’t require any physical showroom to display your designer jewellery products whereas offline model demands a huge investment of money and time into building a nice looking jewellery showroom in the heart of the city. Both models follow the same business rules with different market approaches.

If you want to go online
Selling online is a quite popular concept among new entrepreneurs as it provides more flexible business infrastructure to reach more consumers in less investment of time and money. If you want to follow the trend just follow these steps.

Hire a web development company, buy a domain name, hosting space and get a running e-commerce jewellery portal to enter in the online jewellery market. The site must have features like subscription, updates, nice display of accessories and products, as well as providing online money transaction utilities through credit cards, PayPal and other money transferring service.

As a newbie, you may have problems to operate your newly established online business, therefore it would be better to start business with other market leaders such as amazon, ebay and so on.

Provide information and knowledge database to the users exploring your online portal. Add a blog section exclusive.

Offer discounts, coupon code and festival prices attract more business, meanwhile don’t forget to spread the word in the online community through social media engagement.

If you want to begin offline business
Offline business requires a physical office located in approachable place in your city with a big investment in building constructions, interior designing and good looking hoardings at various places in the city. It’s simple and needs following process.

Have a premise. The premise for your designer jewellery showroom may be rented or bought depending on various factors such as availability of the place, budget, terms & conditions of local authorizing agencies, etc. In case you rent it, make an agreement for at least 20 to 30 years rent to secure your business interests.

Design aesthetically to lure consumer’s heart. Hire an interior designer to make the place as beautiful as your jewelleries are to attract more buyers.

Advertise your business. You can publicize your handmade jewellery through advertising in local newspapers, distributing pamphlets, associating with leading jewellery shopping stores, etc.

In the last, keep patience and try to offer unique and eye-catching design with good quality to gain long term profits and reliable customer database. Remember every business grows at the foundation of honesty, quality and client satisfaction, you should remember it every time you welcome a client to earn a brand image in the market.

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