How to Prevent Your Pearl Turning Yellow

Perhaps you have seen a pearl turned yellow losing its graceful charm. It simply does not mean that every white lustrous pearl will lose its shine gradually to a dull lifeless appearance for no good reason. But it happens in a long span of time especially when the pearls are not given proper attention. To avoid such condition, we will have to learn the real facts related to pearls.

First Fact: Yellow pearls are real
Elegant jewel is known for its white and off-white lustrous, it comes in all colours including yellow, pink, purple and golden too. So the yellow pears are completely natural and real phenomena. These gems are absolutely different than a pearl turned yellow due to environmental effects.

Second Fact: Pearls turn yellow
Pearls can be seen turning yellow regardless their actual colour. It happens due to various factors. During the process stone is affected by the outer atmosphere resulting in the damage of the pearl.

Third Fact: Why Pearls turn yellow
There are many reasons behind the yellow surface occurred on the surface of the pearl. Few reasons are — environmental effect, oxidation, organic nature of the stone and lacking of care precautions. Being an organic stone, pearls are sensitive to the humidity and oxidizing elements. Once the stone is put in a humid and moist environment, it begins to get oxidized resulting in a dull yellow look. The process may take time of

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weeks to months (even years) depending on the external factors.

Fourth Fact: Why turning yellow is dangerous?
A pearl turning yellow denotes dangerous risks to the existence of the stone. As the stone commences to change colour, the jewel becomes brittle and may start to crack also. Unlike other stones, pearls are soft stone and can be cracked easily. Subsequently if the process has started and reached at a certain level, there is no way you can revert the damage.

Fifth Fact: How to differentiate between a natural yellow pearl and pearl turned yellow
It’s easy. Observe the stone’s outer surface. See carefully if the stone bears a bright, smooth shine with no evidence of cracks. You will feel its surface quite smooth and soft also which clearly indicates that it’s a natural yellow pearl rather than a damaged pearl. Meanwhile if the stone looks dry, dull and lacks smooth presence, it’s definitely a pearl turned yellow.


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Fact: How to secure your pearls against damage

  1. First of all, you should note down that pearls are too sensitive even excessive body’s sweat can damage their lustre.
  2. Secondly, don’t put them for a long time in airtight jewellery boxes. Wear them regularly. It keeps them oily and moisturized to secure their surface providing adorable sparkling.
  3. Don’t expose them to acids, chemicals, detergents/ soaps, including perfumes, gels, and cosmetic products. These can hurt the pearl’s outer surface.
  4. Don’t store pearls together with other gemstones like diamonds, ruby because they scratched its surface ruining its shine and value.

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