How To Infuse Rainbow Spectrum Using Gemstones In A Jewellery Design

How To Infuse Rainbow Spectrum Using Gemstones In A Jewellery DesignA rainbow looks beautiful. Its beautiful colour spectrum offers hope and enthusiasm in the rain of unfavourable dark clouds. That’s why colours are assumed as the life force in our social life. Colours can make or ruin your appearance just playing with your look. Similarly, multi-stone jewellery can be made eyeball grabbing infusing correct ranges of different colours.

While you get designer jewellery or customized jewellery, it comes in gorgeous designs obviously as they are prepared by the professional jewellery designers. But if you are keen to do experiments with colours, here is a list of factors you should remember before finalizing your designs.

  • Develop a theme using metal. If it is neutral colour metal like silver, platinum and rhodium, bright colours will give a cool look.
  • Wear white or colourless diamonds. Alternatively you can stud matching stones. Jewels with bright like Tanzanite, citrine, sapphire or ruby are perfect to set on white gold.
  • For more choices, choose kundankari and Meenakari works done in gold leaf.
  • If you want to impart a natural aura in your look, sparkle your jewellery with cool green emeralds, opals, turquoise and aquamarines as they represent nature in their wildest form.
  • Red, orange and yellow are warm colours. Prefer them to wear a hot and raunchy look.
  • Never use too much colour, it may distract your jewellery designs.
  • More sophisticated designs are shopped more than others. Offer elegance in your colour selection choices.
  • Texture is another concept, you should pay attention. Fancy gemstones like opal and spinel are cool to make a cool presence using stone texture.
  • Teenagers love psychedelic mixtures of brightest shades which can suit to everything. They will not wait to find a tasteful combination of colour, rather than they will go with chic and fancy jewellery accessories.
  • Remember, colours in multi-gemstone jewellery should make you comfortable and pleasant. So select the colours carefully to create a calm appearance.
  • One colour must be dominant and should be subordinated by other coloured stones to make a happy balance.
  • Make sure that your jewellery is looking fine with multi-colour gemstones.
  • Interestingly, semi-precious stones appear brighter, shinier and financially viable in comparison of their genuine counterpart.
  • If you want to design jewellery for other people, try to reflect their personal thoughts in the jewellery design using their favourite colours.
  • Most gemstones are given treatment to improve their colour appearance. Try to avoid all of those stones which may lose their flawless colour in case they are worn frequently.


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