How To Choose Earrings & Necklace Jewellery To Compliment Your Face Cut

When it comes to beauty, every detail counts. You can’t avoid anything just because it is pampered by your favourite star. A certain piece of jewellery may suit them because of it balances equation with their face cut and figure. Since you may not have the same personality or face cut to mirror their ultimate look, you have other alternates by which you can look gorgeous and sexy to be the gravitational centre of mass.

Picking a wrong type of jewellery will ruin your impression because of lacking a balancing equation with your face cut and outfits. Therefore we compiled an informative list to take care of your versatile look according to your face type.

Jewellery According To Face Type

Round shaped face
Round shape is a common feature in European subcontinent. In

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a round face, length of the face is equal to its width while outer curves creates an imaginary circular shape. Round face cut is an excellent match to put on long and dangling earrings with necklaces featuring neckline of 28 to 30 inches. But don’t pick round shaped earrings and choker necklaces to avoid fashion disaster.

Long shaped face
If the width of your face is shorter than the length of your face, earrings in round shape, circular or triangular or simply stud earrings will suit you flawlessly. In addition, a choker necklace will feature your neckline perfectly to radiate a glowing aura around your face.

Oval shaped face
A face looking like an egg features neither too long nor too wide face cut. If you have an oval shape you are one of the most luckiest persons on the planet who can wear any type of earring jewellery with any kind of necklace. But if you have long neck, a choker necklace will be more beneficial to flaunt off your gorgeous beauty rather than a lengthy or chain necklace.

Square shaped face
A face with the jaw line and chin of the same width belongs to this category. As the fashion experts say, strictly avoid square shape earrings as well as necklaces. Hoops, long teardrops, or multi-layered dangling earrings will add glowing shine to your face with necklaces extending below the neckline of 28 inches to 32 inches.

Heart shaped face
If your chin is smaller than wide forehead featuring cheekbones, you are lucky because you have a heart shaped face. Thus you can wear anyone from a vast collection of teardrop, chandelier, circular, and triangular earrings with heart shape pendants or choker necklaces.

Rectangular shaped face
These face can be identified easily in a crowd due to their sharp features. The girls with rectangular shaped face should wear oval shaped earrings to equalize the equation between your neck and face. In addition, a choker necklace is extremely perfect to highlight your neckline attraction attentions form the mass.

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