Hottest accessories a fashionista must have in summer 2014!

summer-fashionBold, beautiful, and totally unique. Well, these words are perfect to describe accessory trends for summer 2014. This year you are free to pick all wild fringe bags, oversized jewelry pieces that are nothing short of attention grabbing to cute pastel colors dresses. Here we tell you the hottest accessories for summer 2014 that a fashionista must to have.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses: These sunglasses are incredibly popular this season. They’re high on style and look very trendy. You can wear them over any western outfit and they will excellently complete your look. The extended sides fit your face amazingly that make you swank the style with attitude.

Turquoise Everything: Turquoise jewellery is unbelievably chic and high-fashion. They are year’s one of the greatest trends, which is getting popular with each passing day. Choose a gorgeous dangly earrings or a set of pendant, the style is sure to be a hit.

Exquisite Rings: Wear as many as rings you can carry because this summer is all about statement accessories and wearing four rings at once whether you opt for four separate rings with different styles or one ring with four finger loops. You can really express your creativity with this style, so don’t be afraid to go as bold, wild, or large as you want!

Fringe Bags: Whether you are just globetrotting or planning a small getaway to beat the heat, or just heading for brunch with the girls, a tasteful tote or fringe bag is just the thing you need. The summer girl needs to carry her sunscreen, sunglasses and every other odd and end, and look super chic at the same time.

Clutches: Like handbags for day outing, a gorgeously feminine clutch will add the needed oomph factor to your night outs, like parities and night clubs. They are cute and can easily go with any outfit from fancy to casual. Try a wild printed clutch or keep it simple with a pastel, one color piece.

Primary Colors: Pick up some awesome bracelets or rings sporting the traditional red, blue, and yellow, and kick the trend up a notch higher. These colors are perfect for those random chilly summer days when you need a light pair of tights to keep you warm.

Oversized Pieces: Summer 2014 loudly announces that the bigger the better, so don’t be afraid to stop traffic with your wild, oversized pieces. A brilliant and bold necklace piece will give you super feminine look with grace.

Beautifully Floral: We don’t need to mention how popular floral prints and patterns are this season. Add some cute and gorgeous floral accessory, like adorable floral watch or bracelet, that sure to fetch eyeballs for you.

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