Hot silver & gold jewellery trends in this winter season!

Jewellery, gems and diamonds are the world every one dreams and drools about. The existence and origin of jewellery of has been predated fashion. Be it demonstrating status or defining one’s social rank or about flaunting one’s pride or defining one’s style, jewellery has always done it. Whereas the early existence of jewellery comes from traces and civilization in Egypt, jewellery is evolving and transforming since then. Time and tides might have waited for none but times have changed the types and designs of jewellery. Now jewellery and trends go hand in hand and jewellery too has become fashionable from traditional. This journey from old to constantly evolving new has been on the road of change. Let’s have a look at what 2017 has swept in for the jewellery trends. The icing on the cake comes with the news that not only the imitation but also the genuine jewellery and metals like gold and silver are also been molded according to the latest trends of designs. Gold and silver jewellery has also been experimented to the core in terms of designs.

Floral Designs



Be it prints, apparels, bags, foot-wears or accessories flowers and flowery prints and designs are the talk of the fashion police and jewellery world no doubt has also got into the trap of this flower charm. All latest designs of branded jewel makers and designers. How can one forget those huge flower hats from Marc Jacob’s fall fashion show? Those hats became the thing to drool over and might have become the trendsetter of these flowery prints and designs. All bracelets, hair tucks and pins and necklaces have been prominently sporting the flowery glory.

Chandelier Earrings or Jhumkis



Classy, beauty and feminine, this is what these heavy chandelier earrings showcase. Just the pair of earrings would do the magic to set you in tune of any gathering. These earrings are made of many layers, one, two or three. Made of both precious gemstones and funky color beads, these chandelier earrings always make a statement in the crowd.

Elegantly Ethnic



The combo of Indian and Western has become very popular with the time and this trend of mixing and matching is grabbing eyeballs. This indo Western combination has also entered into the world of jewellery and intricacy in designs has adopted this trend. Females are on their toes to make statements through feathered earrings and brightest hues on jewels and stones which actually emboss the ethnic look. Old might get outdated and new might stay for a while but this ethnic elegance is the only thing which will always keep on lingering.

Punk with Prints and Colors



This year in jewellery world can be termed as Graphic inspired and colorful as neon colors are back with a bang and so is the jewellery is getting itself kissed by the gradient of colors and many prints on stones have been imprinted and engraved on gemstone and genuine funky stones to boost up the punk in the jewels and accessories.

Animal & Tribal Prints



Exotic elegance is high on the ride in the world of jewellery and this has invited new wild look in jewellery by imbibing animal prints and from earrings to toe rings every jewel object has been in trend to get engraved with wild prints.

Pastel Magic



Old is and will always be gold and the subtle and evergreen charm of pastel shades will never go out of fashion and no matter what comes and stirs the fashion world in jewellery, pastel shades will rule the world especially when it comes to formal attendance.

Mystery of Metals



Come whatever the trend but metals will never fade and the shine will always keep the trend of jewellery alive. Without metals the main objective of jewels can’t be fulfilled. The ornamentation of any outfit will always go well with any of metals and with the sweep of latest designs and trends into the jewel world the metals are also getting a metamorphosis in their making cut and designs. Many more new gemstones might have come into existence of might have been discovered but metals like gold and silver will always be shining and riding high in the world of jewellery and specially the weddings and festive seasons would keep the trend of old is gold alive. So metal mystery is on and will b going on for ages.

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