Hike In Gold Rates Distances Gold From Diamond Jewellery

Hike in Gold Rates Distances Gold from Diamond Jewellery

Hike in Gold Rates Distances Gold from Diamond Jewellery

Hike in gold rates has now turned to be a regular phenomenon, which seems to be not in a mood to change track. The way the prices are increasing day by day, one just can’t imagine what it would cost to get your desired jewellery in gold. Even though the prices are reaching sky, there is no decline in the demand. People still want gold to shimmer and add the extra tinge of shine in all their desired and valuable accessories.

Even if we leave aside pure gold jewellery, the shiny metal even forms the base for many of the diamond jewellery. This need from the end of the users has led the jewellery makers to adopt new ways wherein they can minimize the use of gold in diamond jewellery and can still maintain the look and excellence of the ornaments. In order to achieve the set goal many have increased the mechanization and have reduced the making of hand-made jewellery while on the other hand many have even started replacing the gold’s weight with that of diamond. This way they are trying to keep the investor’s interest unhindered. Facts state that gold content in jewellery should ideally be 35 percent in terms of its weight. However, the risen prices have now forced the makers to bring the figure down to a massive extent.

Now if we talk of South India, where gold jewellery rules the charts, the makers have cut the use of gold to 12 percent, while in the west and east it is 15 percent down. As per the reports, gold prices shot up by an exceptional 34 percent in rupee terms and got closed at Re 27,750 per 10 gram on Friday. This apparently has increased the prices of the diamond jewellery also to 10-15 percent this year.

At present the focus is on minimizing the use of gold in diamond jewellery so that it doesn’t hamper the purchasing power of an average consumer. There is no way of bringing the price chart down but makers can always find out measures of catering the desired products with utmost quality. Johareez.com is also one of the finest platforms where you’ll find exceptional designers, each featuring their own collection of both classic and contemporary jewellery designs up for auction or for fix price sales.

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