Highlights of upcoming jewelry trends: colorful, artistic and different!

trends 2014Is your love for fashionable jewelry is rising alongside temperature? We recommend, let it go higher with the trends of upcoming season, which are said to be the hottest in terms of fashionable accessories and designer pieces. There will be a vast increment you notice in current vogue and definitely look out to add those as much as possible and as fast as possible into your wardrobe. First thing you will observe is colors. There’s a whole new slot of fresh colors ready to come down on fashion streets and jewelry products are tending more toward these vibrant to saucy colors. If you are from those fashionistas who have the hunger of opting out latest trends, then don’t miss to revive your closet with new colorful accessories that indeed spice up your look as chic as your favorite celebrity. In fact, the time you inject these electric colors like placid blue, violet tulip, freesia, cayenne, radiant orchid, dazzling blue etc, in your wardrobe, they most definitely amplify liveliness in your life from work, home to party.

Secondly, you will discover jewelry which is being inspired by art and earlier era. Not completely infused but these jewelries you will get mixed with modern punch of style and culture. The already existing jewelries, including statement necklaces, cocktail rings, hoop and fancy earrings among others will get a twist of history and culture, something that surely captivate your interest.

Third trend which will catch your attention in the coming season will be pastel style accessory. It will inspire the diva in you in soberly way as it looks more of elegant style. The gemstones that are economical comparative to precious stones will also make their presence loud in this type of jewelry, including earring, bracelets, rings and necklaces. It will cut the cost burden and most absolutely add correct ratio of glamour in you.

Fancy stones will be fourth one which will secure their position very proudly in the upcoming jewelry fall. You will cherish the trend as it will balance your finance and fashion. These stones will prove incredibly chic and wonderful medium to unleash stylish diva in you. And yes, there’ll be no more dependency on expensive stones like diamond, sapphire and etc, to swank the look of your dream.

There’re other trends like animal-inspired, metallic and leather jewelry that will keep you interest intact. Visit Johareez.com and find these conventional, elegant and trendy jewelries.

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