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Government Makes Hallmarking Mandatory On Silver & Gold Jewellery

Government Makes Hallmarking Mandatory On Silver & Gold Jewellery

Everyone wants their belongings to be safe and secure and why not, keeping your belongings safe can help you retain them forever. There are many things that one wants to keep safe. When it comes to security it is very difficult to have faith on anyone, but if we talk about jewellery you can surely breathe a sigh of relief as the best way to secure your jewellery is with the Hallmark sign.

Hallmarks are groups of symbols which are daunted on items made of precious metals. The symbols imply the product’s value by indicating the fine quality of the precious metal that is used as raw material to create the product. Precious metals are of three types and all three types are required to have hallmarks and these metals are gold, silver and platinum. Initially, only gold and silver were required to have the hallmarks but in the recent years, platinum has also been included in the list of precious metals to be hallmarked.

These valuable metals are lavishness items which many people, especially the members of the upper class society, would like to possess. Generally, the gold and silver items they own are in the form of jewellery, plates, goblets, knives, spoons and forks, chandeliers, brooches and the like.

When gold and silver is in their purest and finest form, it is too soft to be used for anything. Usually the practice is to add a base metal, usually copper to the precious metal and produce an alloy. This alloy will be hard, as taken from the attribute of copper while possessing the luster and beauty of either gold or silver.

When precious metal is mixed with base metal, it results to strong and lustrous alloy. This is ideal on the part of the producer or craftsman but not necessarily so for the consumers or buyers. The final product does not have any indication of the mixture of metals. There are no clear indications of which metals are used and of the ratio of base metal and precious metals. With this scenario, the consumer is vulnerable to cheating and fraud.

There are various methods to determine the fineness of the metals used. One of the most accurate, which is applied to gold, is the fire assay. It is a critical method which requires a few erratically chosen items to be melted. The base metal is separated from the precious metal and through this separation, the purity of the gold will be determined.

Most of the countries have banded together in order to not only protect the consumers of the gold, silver and platinum products they produce but also to create a standard hallmark for the fineness of the products produced. With the standardized hallmarking system called the Common Control Mark (CCM), the trade of goods made of precious metals between these countries has become easier. Importing countries are no longer need to re-assay the incoming products that bear the CCM.

The Indian government on Tuesday cleared the Bureau of Indian Standards (Amendment) Bill, 2011 paving the way for introduction of mandatory hallmarking of more products including gold. At present, about 77 items including cement, mineral water and milk products are certified with mandatory hallmarking under the BIS Act to conform to the quality level of goods and services to consumers. The Cabinet cleared the bill, which seeks to empower the government to make hallmarking mandatory.

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