Gold Jewelry: Simple tips to maintain the sheen of your jewels!

3866qpcqYellow gold jewelry is making comeback and that we all have seen already with fashion conscious women adorning this precious metal jewelry, coming in various designs. However, just as we enjoy wearing these jewels, we also need to make an effort to maintain the shimmer of these jewels. While silver develops a dull tarnished finish over time, this problem is not seen in gold. Though, it does collect dirt easily with regular use. And you definitely don’t need to splurge a lot for money for pricy jewelry cleaner when you can clean the jewels at home itself without spending much.

Here are the few solutions, following them your gold jewelry pieces will shine as they did before. All you need is few household tools and ingredients. So follow these steps below:

1. In a bowl of warm water mix in few drops of liquid detergent. Make sure you are not using hot water as it could be harmful for those delicate precious stones. Soak the jewelry in it for 15 minutes, then scrub it with soft-bristle toothbrush. Rinse well in warm running water carefully. While doing so it is advised that you cover the sink to avoid losing the jewelry in case it slips from your hands. Blot dry with soft cloth.

2. Ammonia again is a powerful cleaner, but chemically caustic, so don’t use it too often to clean your jewelry. To start with, add one part of ammonia to six parts of water. Soak jewelry is this mixture for just a minute. Remove the jewels at once and rinse well under running water by using kitchen strainer. Dry it with soft polishing cloth.

3. In some jewelry pieces, gemstones are glued into the setting. That type of jewelry must not be submerged in water. So with it you need special tip. To start with dip a soft cloth in soapy solution then with it, gently scrub your jewelry. Once you’re done with the cleaning, rinse it well with cloth dampened with plain water. Dry the jewelry by hanging it or lay it on a dry cloth.

4. Cleaning jewelry with toothpaste is the most famous and easiest way. Mix little bit of toothpaste in one tablespoon

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of water and make a light paste. Scrub your jewelry with this mixture using extremely soft-bristled toothbrush. Now rinse well with clean water.

Hopefully, these tips will come in handy!

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