Gold jewellery speedily changing in Indian women’s lifestyle!

Jewellery trends vouch about the fascinating journey of gold in Indian history and for Indian women gold ornaments are much more than to be worn as and when the event or atmosphere demands. It is very much evident that Gold jewellery is a permanent component of Indian culture and value system.



Indian ethos is very much associated with gold and gold jewellery and role of gold jewellery in Indian lives is very crucial. There are no second thoughts about the fact that gold jewellery plays an essential part in each key event from births and marriages to festivals and feasts.

Gold in India is believed to be a symbolic piece and this precious metal completes Indian lives. Strong emotional response of the Indian buyer joined with a compelled traditional side emphasize about the role of gold. The trend has seen several changes over a period of time and it also helps to transfer customs and rituals from one generation to the other.

Irrespective of its price or affordability factor gold remains the all time favorite for Indian women. Timeless gold jewellery too follows a trend in accordance with the fashion world and role of gold has changed in the life on Indian women to a great extent.



Sensible and realistic approach of the women of 21st century is inclined towards style and sophistication. Their wardrobes are a perfect blend of saris and short black cocktail dresses. This combination indicates towards a change that inspires her to go for a simple yet elegant jewellery collection of gold.

Change in approach of women towards gold jewellery demands from designers to create such ornaments which are culturally relevant and eminently wearable. All the changes taking place are defined to be the evolution of Indian jewellery and at an online jewellery store we also promote following such concepts.



One of the major changes comprise of focus towards craftsmanship and heritage. The price increase in gold demands for designs which are capable to validate the high price attached to gold jewellery. The second major change so identified is sophistication which provides a creative response.



People buying gold look for flexible options to pay and these are inclusive of installment modes. A sense of self expression and personal pleasure should be experienced with gold jewellery. With gold there are other precious metals making place in Indian jewellery market and this accounts for a very considerable change in the role of gold.

With all these things taking place gold has come a long way and tend to continue its journey with this very same way!

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