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diamond-ring-settingA girl’s happiness sees no bounds when the love of her life slips the ring on her finger. It is the most magical moment to experience for sure, and one can’t stop stealing glances time and again at the engagement ring, which seems like a dream come true. And after ten years, even though your love for your partner is still the same, or say has increased immensely, but do you still experience elation looking at the ring? Do you still find your ring set in 14 carat gold endearing?

Well, we can understand your dilemma. The thing is that in these last years, you must not have changed as a person, but your style sense must have elevated. Isn’t it? While a decade back, sparkler set in yellow gold band was trending, however, now white gold is most preferred. At the same time, your ring must look worn out after all these years. So, here is an advice which will solve all your worries. Nowadays you can get your engagement ring reset, and that will completely change the look of it; while the diamond will still be part of it, but the metal and the design will get altered.

The diamond in your ring is a mark of eternal love, and there is no harm is enhancing the beauty of the piece. So it’s time that you take your ring to the jewelry, and get the setting changed. To start with, it is necessary that you do bit of research, and find out which designs are trending. You can also keep a check at celebs engagement ring styles, and have your pick as per your choice. Then look for the setting you would want in your ring, and check out whether it will work on your one or not.

In case you find the stone studded in your present ring too small, you can make changes in the setting, like going for halo of stones around it, as it would make the diamond look bigger. Also, make sure the jewelry to whom you are giving your ring for resetting is well-trusted one. Before dropping the ring, make sure you have a look at the stone with the help of jeweler under magnification. Under 10 power magnification, you can find out some unique attribute of the stone, and make sure you remember it, and identify the same again while picking up the reset ring.

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