Get to know all about Polki jewellery and its craze among women!

There is no denying that diamonds are girls’ best friend; however that doesn’t lessen their love for sparkling Polki jewellery. Even though Polki may cost less than diamonds, as here uncut diamonds are used to design the jewelry, still it definitely spells royalty. This Rajasthani trend never fails to set a fashion statement and is very elegant. The wearer as well as the onlooker gets to experience the raw beauty and color of diamonds in this jewelry form. Besides the uncut diamonds, other precious gemstones are also used to create this jewel.



Polki trend is not new as it has been there since the Mughal Era, and that way it is thousand years old. With time, it has come with the specialty of crafting traditional jewelry out of uncut diamonds. This art was found in Bikaner and later on it passed through to different parts of the country. You can find variety of hues in Polki jewelry. Earlier it was designed by giving shape to the uncut diamond pieces, and the use of enamel work by the artists enhanced the beauty of the jewelry by adding color and shine to it. Uncut diamonds have a different kind of charm with them being unpolished.



This jewelry is considered traditional and cultural, however, nowadays going by the trend, it can also be worn to create indo-western style, as actress like Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor did in the past. In present days, different techniques, apart from uncut, are used to craft this jewelry. Gemstones like rubies, emerald and pearls are being included to form the polki jewelry, which is in fact endowed by Mughal; still it is more than artistic legacy.



Even though the colors and designs are mainly took up by Rajasthani tradition, the modern market of Polki jewels is extensively located in states like Hyderabad, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, and even Gujarat. Also each state has adopted its own pattern or technique of making Polki which makes it a more universal kind of ornament and skill. The range of polki bridal set of good quality starts from Rs 2.5 lakhs, and it differ as per the necessity of the buyer. Polki is commonly worn during the festive season and other big occasions like wedding.

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