Gemstone Facial Treatment – Jewels & Interesting Facts

Gemstones are beautiful gifts to the mankind from Mother nature. They adorn physical beauty creating a stunning aura to the wearer. They are also used in industrial purposes such as diamond and garnet but not limited to that only. They are used to beautify your skin not by wearing but by gating a gemstone facial treatment.

You might not be aware about gemstone facial therapy however it exists and is quite popular among celebrities. As you know every gemstone is unique and carries special properties and peculiar powers defined by its mineral elements, every stone is utilized for different purposes improving skin texture with a beautiful experience.

Diamond is mostly used to diminish white heads and stretch marks too. Diamond suits to sensitive skins and eliminates dryness of skin gently.

Sapphire removes dead skin cells restoring the lost shine of face. The sapphire treatment hydrates and shield the skin making it smooth, clear and youthful. Apart this, sapphire treatment is used to wipe out stress and depression.

Bright blood red gemstone ruby improves blood circulation is rejuvenate the skin giving it a sunshine luster. In addition, a ruby is a rich source of vitamin A and D that nourishes skin going in the deep pores.

If you want to tone the kin reducing wrinkles and fine lines, emerald is the best gemstone which is known for its anti-ageing properties. Emerald is a powerful high energy stone and its ash is incorporated into skin creams because it strengthens the skin and cleanse the pores.

Pearls are a good source of minerals and proteins containing skin friendly properties. According to beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain, “It helps to strengthen the skin, improve its moisture retention ability and produce an even color tone.”

Amber is none other than resin excreted by a tree but crystallized during the period of a million years. It is popular to cleansening the skin making it soft, relaxed and fresh.

Onyx is a black color gemstones considered in spiritual rituals and prayers. It heals infected woulds, inflammation and sunburn meanwhile it purifies the skin invoking cellular regeneration.

Quartz is regarded as earth element and is beneficial to revamp youthness and bright shine of the skin. Quartz stone provides essential natural elements to skin making is smooth, clear, bright and attractive. Apart this, various varieties of quartz are used in spiritual healing therapy where every variety is referred to a particular body chakra.

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