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silver-jewellerytTrend has become an essential element of our life, and the thing with trend is that it keeps on altering with time. It is just not about the garments, but accessories play a huge role too. When it comes to accessories, you would agree that jewelry can make or break the outfit you are about to sport. While very less jewelry will make the appearance look drab, too much of the jewelry pieces can make for a cluttered look. If you buy the jewelry pieces as per your skin tone, you would never go wrong. It is quite simple to find out that which metal jewelry would look best on you whether silver or gold.

Firstly, you must find out whether your skin tone is warm or cool. Pick a white piece of paper and keep it under a light next to the bottom of your wrist. You can find out your skin tone by contrasting your veins that can be seen through the skin. See to it whether your veins have a bluish or green tint. In case they are more on the blue side, your skin tone is cool, and people of cool skin tones mostly have the anywhere from light blue to dark brown eyes. You would

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find most people with cool skin tone, even the ones who have dark brown or tan skin. In case of veins being more on the green side, you have warm skin tone and you will observe golden-apricot or yellow tinges while looking in the reflection.

Now, it’s time to know whether your skin match silver or gold. Mostly people with cool skin tones prefer silver, platinum, and white gold, while the stones color which cool skin tones must go with are pink, blue, purple, red, and magenta. Warm skin tones should opt for gold, pewter, brass, and copper. While stones in colors like brown, green, orange, yellow, coral, and turquoise would best suit them. However, in case your skin tone doesn’t go with the silver or gold jewelry you generally wear, then you can also mix and match the metal. Like gold and silver together. These days jewelry pieces are coming in which are crafted with both silver and gold.

In case you don’t find matching silver and gold too appropriate, then you can add flattering colors to your jewelry, for instance colored gemstones. Ultimately, what matters most is to mix and match the jewelry to find out what goes best with your skin.

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