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Be stylish and look vibrant is the latest mantra of youngsters, who like to play with colors. Be it with their clothing, hair styling, shoes or accessories, they adore being a part of latest fashion and trendy colors. Here we tell you a brand that enjoys keeping the generation up as far as style and bright colored jewellery are concerned. Enamelour is a well-known jewellery brand in fashion industry that offers exciting and effervescent accessories. Like the name hints, it is specialized in enamel jewellery. It offers an elegant collection of rings, earrings, charms and charm bracelets, pins and brooches, cufflinks and necklace sets, which are finely crafted in brass and sterling silver. These items are embedded brilliantly with stones like American diamond, Marcasite and other attractive glossy stones. Here we give you a sneak peak of products the brand has to offer for all fashionistas:

Charm Bracelets



When you crave for unique jewelry, Enamelour delivers it for you. It has a wide range of charm bracelets in sterling silver that gives a subtle look. The charms attached to the chain come with a removable option. You can adjust them according to your taste and look.

Pins and Brooches



Pins and brooches are brilliant way to stylize yourself and to add that extra sheen to your look. It is important to wear right pin or brooches and here at Enamelour jewellery collection you can find the best pieces that will suit every taste.




A decorative fastener that you can add two sides of the cuff on a shirt or blouse is cufflink and it is a hottest trend these days. Youngsters love it to the core as it brings style to any of their normal attire. Enameling adds extra brightness to them giving you the perfect bit of glamour.

Ring and Earrings



Accentuate your finger and earlobe wearing these charming rings and earrings. The brand offers you funky, gleaming and unique pieces in sterling silver that you can wear at many occasions. You can find variety and shapes with chunky, unusual, stylish, different and quirky pieces included in the collection.

Necklace Sets



Before you speak, let your neckline garb the eyeballs you for. And that all you can attain with Enamelour stylish jewellery. It features sterling silver and brass necklace pieces in alluring stones and exquisitely designs. We must say these pieces are surely to boost your confidence to a whole new level once you wear them in the party, family function or other occasion.

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