Few jewelry materials which are trendy yet easy on pocket!

glass jewelleryEven though it is tough for a woman to imagine dolling up without the trendy jewelry pieces, but the sky-touching prices of precious stones and precious metals makes it impossible for some to afford wearing the jewelry pieces. However, a style diva must never worry about all of it, as she can easily find a way to flaunt the best of her. If you can’t afford gold, white gold or diamond jewelry, even then you can manage to look good, but just taking the slightly different route. Today we will let you know about few jewelry materials, which are no way expensive and they are successfully paving their way into mainstream fashion.

Glass: The glass jewelry is successfully gaining attention of the fashionistas nowadays. You can instantly raise your style quotient by welcoming the jewelry in glass material in your jewelry closet. They are light to carry, as well and subtle and delicate, and really make bold fashion statement. It is really inexpensive and come studded in silver metal and others, which are easily affordable, as its main purpose is to serve the taste of every class of people.3

Titanium: This material which is usually used in hi-tech applications, for instance, in the making of aircraft engines or making of pipes in nuclear plants, is also coming in handy or designing high-class jewelry as well. Commonly men’s jewelry is found in this material and it ranges from, wedding rings to bracelets, etc. However, with its growing trend the designers are also using this material in women’s jewelry.

Wood: Light in weight and easy to carry, wood jewelry has natural beauty to it, and is a strong and durable material. Wooden jewelry is always unique as each wood is different and the jewelry can even be designed from wood as old as 2000 years. Also the wood jewelry makes for the apt unconventional fashion.

Stainless steel: This material has been used to make watches since long and now it is also being used in jewelry. This is a tough material, which makes it durable, and it can be shaped into wires, beads and faceted studs which look like cut gemstones. With steel being easy on the pocket, its jewelry is cost-effective and designers are coming up with enamoring designs in this material.

They come in latest designs and everything from earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings to statement jewelry can be tracked in these materials.

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