Enamelour – add vibrant colors to your personality with enamel jewellery!

There is a large variety and number of forms seen in Indian jewellery and Enamel jewellery is one of the most outstanding in the ranges among them. There are historical evidences that one of the Indian rulers of earlier times, Akbar was one of the leading agents in promotion and use of Enamel jewellery.



The beautiful color and unique appeal of the jewels accentuated with enamel are a latest trend in the present times where prices of all the other precious metals, like gold, silver and platinum, are sky rocketing. The opportunities with enameling are endless and there are various options possible for jewellery lovers when it comes to colour, shape, size and designs.



Enamel creates a magical effect of colors in jewellery which cannot be achieved from even the most sparkling of gems in a similar manner as the paints of an artist’s palette colour a blank canvas in pulsating hues.

The Enamel jewellery is available in almost each and every imaginable colour. This art was cultivated centuries ago and with the use of latest technologies and the expertise gathered over a period of time a stage has come where it has become the most loved and admired form of Indian Jewellery.



Enameling requires painstaking heed and accuracy to create stunning items from metals and glass. It is an evident fact that jewellery has always been the shortcut to superior grooming and enamel jewellery is a great way to go.



The rings so crafted with this ultimate style and pattern are outstanding form all the other styles and patterns. The art of enamel jewellery dates back thousands of years and its popularity has continued over a long period of time. Vibrant use of colors with various metals like sterling silver, crafted in different geometric shapes is the speciality with the brand Enamelour by Johareez.com, an trusted online jewellery shopping store.



There are no second thoughts that Indian enamel jewellery is well known in different parts of the globe for its supreme quality and artistic designs, gleam and clearness of enamel colors. It is believed that enamel art of India has its roots in Jaipur and Enamelour by Johareez.com is also a brand exclusively offering beautiful and stylish rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, pendants and bracelets.



In the ancient times in India the enamel jewellery was believed to be very exquisite and the trend continues till now for which the popularity of this jewellery is highly justified!

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