Embrace fun spring style with bold and beautiful statement necklaces!

We don’t need to elaborate what statement jewellery is, the bold and beautiful accessory was everywhere last season and are getting big and bigger than ever before for spring season. In fact it’s not only the weather that’s getting warmer, but it’s the accurate time to wrap up winter looks and embrace fun spring styles. And what better way to do so than to complete your oh-so stylish look with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of statement necklace.

If you want to deck up your outfit, choose stunning statement necklaces, and set your style different from the rest. Big and bold statement necklaces are back with a bang, and this time you will find them getting a fresh update, pastels, delicate floral and bold hues are a major theme for the current season. The designer jewellery not only helps you to transform your look from simple to glam but also boost your confidence to a whole new level. A trendy yet elegant piece of necklace can instantly spice up your basic jeans and tee, or floral top and mini, adding a stylish and trendy touch. In fact you feel like you are wearing a completely new outfit with the chic jewelry. Simply add a glittery pair of heels and side-hanging bag to complete the overall look, of course, light make-up is what you need to add for the desired look.

Now, talking about how to select right statement necklace and how to add other accessories with it? Here we reveal it all, firstly, remember that experiments are good and refreshing if done in right way. Don’t be afraid of doing and opting out anything new; just reaffirm it with your personality and character before putting on anything. For statement necklaces, it’s a great way to ease into experimenting with new colors, like pretty pastels, light hemlock, violet tulip, dazzling blue, radiant orchid and celosia orange, which are hot in season. Florals are another great source to glam up, as this trend is quite popular among youth. All you need to make sure is that you only take one piece at a time. After all ‘less is more’ is the simple mantra to make your whole look stand out.

If you prefer more edgy vibe, the bold gold or sparkly silver won’t let you down. Both metals are timeless and quite well-liked for statement necklaces, plus they are perfect to add cool feel to any outfit. It is indeed a great way to add a little edge to a simple skater dress if you want to downplay the feminine silhouette.

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