Easy ways to pull out perfect wardrobe with purple accessories!

2014-color-of-the-yearRuPaul once said, “Life is about using the whole box of crayons.” This in itself proves that colors play vital role in your life as they bring vibrancy and good energy to your life. When it comes to fashion, though we agree that black looks classy and white has some sort of elegance attached to it, but that doesn’t mean you stop playing with colors. They give whole new vibe to your clothing. Even a piece of colorful jewelry can bring out the ideal distraction in black, white or color-blocking outfit. We have already bid adieu to Emerald, which was the color of 2013, and with open arms welcomed Radiant Orchid, which Pantone has selected as 2014 Color of the Year.

This hue, which has fuchsia-like look, can already be seen in clothes and other fashion accessories like bags, footwear and jewelry. With accessories being the most important accessory in women’s wardrobe, today we will be discussing on how to pair your attires with purple accessories. First you have to collect the jewelry pieces in purple color or in similar tone, whether, rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets. Besides also keep in place your other accessories in purple color, like bags, footwear. And then, it time to head to your wardrobe.

With purple being a vibrant color, it can easily glam up your boring wardrobe, well we don’t mean to say your choice is boring, but you would agree that when you wear a similar outfit again, it IS considered dull, isn’t it? However, with the help of right accessory you can wear the same outfit again and again, and every time you’ll be appreciated for your versatility. After all not everyone knows the art of repeating clothes, stylishly. Now talking about the colors which goes best with purple shade are, black, white grey, orange, green, yellow, and blue.

Now you don’t have to wear all of your purple accessories together with one outfit, unless you intend to look like a clown (pun intended). Like at one occasion you can go with purple bracelet with black color, for instance, and for other orange dress with purple bag, or purple pumps with yellow skirt of yours. So this way, you can make sure that you follow the ‘less is more’ look, which is must when talking of accessories. So the best way to put it together is to keep the look limited and subtle, you can never go wrong this way.

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