Easy method to clean up the costume jewelry to maintain its sheen!

cleaning-jewelryWhen it comes to cleaning jewelry pieces, it is quite easy to neat up the precious metals or stones, however, we can’t say the same for costume jewelry, which requires much attention during cleaning, with it being very delicate. It happens most of the

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time that the pieces are designed with several different materials; hence it is must to verify that your cleanser is safe for all parts of the jewelry piece. In case the piece features gemstones, metals, it is best advised to go with the cleaners with are safe for the weakest component of your jewelry.

Choose the right cleaner: First you must choose a quality cleaner, and while doing so check it out whether it can be used to clean costume jewelry or not. Stay away from alcohols, acids like ammonia or vinegar as that can harm the jewelry. Also avoid soap and water for cleaning as that would leave a residue on the metal. It would be best for go with jewelry cleaner and see to it whether it is safe for the type of metal used in your piece. In case of several options, go with the one which is safe for the weakest one.

Right method: When the jewelry is worn daily, it is best to clean it weekly. However, if you wear your costume jewelry just for special occasions, you can clean it either after each wearing or prior to putting it back into the jewelry closet. When cleaning the costume jewelry, it is safest to use the driest method, where very little liquid is used.

Clean the jewelry: To clean the jewelry, you would need cleaning solution, small dish, jewelry brush or soft- bristled toothbrush, toothpick, soft cloth, hairdryer. Then start with the cleaning process. Collect all the supplies at the place, which is well-lit. Then dispense a small amount of cleaning solution in the small dish, and dip the brush in to the clean solution. Now, carefully scrub the jewelry, removing the dirt away. Don’t drench the jewelry piece in the solution as it may weaken the adhesives and bonds. Scrub carefully the folds and bends in the pieces.

In case of further residue with the brush fails to remove, use a wooden toothpick. Then rinse cautiously with clean water. It is advised to dry the jewelry promptly and carefully, so place it on a soft cloth and dry it

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with a hairdryer on a cool air setting. Once, the process the over, place the jewelry in a dry place separate from other jewelry.

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