Did You Check These 7 Pearl Quality Factors Before Shopping Pearls

Pearls are divine, though it’s unfair to believe that every pearl is unique and valuable to treasure. It is more than essential to ensure that you buy a genuine pearl without negotiating with its quality. So here is a list of quality factors you should check prior to buy one and all divine stones.

Bigger size stones are always valuable to buy, larger pearls are rarer and more precious than smaller size pearls.

Spheres rules every time especially when it is a pearl. Though producing extremely flawless round shape pearl is a rare event, experts work hard to choose round pearls, mostly pearl occurs in oval, pear and baroque (irregular shaped) forms and they are praised by the jewellery lovers.

Every jewel is recognised for its unique colour so the pearl too. Natural and cultured pearl appears in the spectrum of hues including white, peach, yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, violet and black. The pearl featuring flawless and uniform hues tops the list. In addition to this, pearls are dyed to receive favourable colours, that you should examine to ensure finest colour quality.

Surface Quality
Pearl is a soft stone comparatively. It might have abrasions, scratches or other damages to surface ruining the pearl’s beauty. Don’t forget to check stone’s surface before buying it.

Nacre Quality
Nacre is the excretion of the tiny mollusk to protect the living organism from external attack. If the nucleus is visible under the nacre, it displays a dull lustre, it is because of thin nacre. Thin nacre also affects the pearl’s durability.

A pearl is valued by its shine known as lustre. A pearl with good lustre having bright and sharp reflections are more valuable than pearls with poor lustre. Besides, a pearl have uniform lustre produced by abrasion-less surface and thick nacre.

Pearls should match in all the quality factors like colour, shape, size and uniformity to make pearl strands, earrings or other pearl jewellery. If you are buying more than one pearl, try to find similar jewels.

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