Diamonds-Some Hidden Facts About Diamonds & Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are female’s best friends and no wonder where there is love, there are diamonds. Diamonds are precious, priceless and pure; diamonds are dazzling, dreamy and delicate. Diamonds are meant to drool over them and diamonds are made to make you feel valued. Diamonds can never fade out of fashion and diamonds symbolize pure love. Amidst all this loving affair of diamonds, let’s delve deep into the world of diamonds which was hidden. Let’s unveil some unknown facts about diamonds.

  • Diamonds are not the hardest substance on Earth: Yes this is a myth buster for sure as diamonds are known to be the most solid form of mineral gemstones but diamonds are not the hardest substance on the planet. In 2005, physicists Natalia Dubrovinskaia and colleagues compressed carbon fullerene molecules and heating them to create a series of interconnected rods called Aggregated Diamond Nanorods (ADNRs or “hyperdiamond”). It’s about 11% harder than a diamond.
  • Diamonds and their relation with De Beers: If you love diamonds then you should be aware of De Beers. De Beers is the pioneer of taking up the charge of flourishing up diamonds industry. Pioneered by Cecil Rhodes who also discovered the state of Rhodesia which later became Zambia and Zimbabwe. Rhodes converted De beers into Diamond cartel which had the motto of single channel marketing of diamonds which technically monopolized the market.
  • Diamonds are rare? Frankly, not anymore. Diamonds used to be one of the rare minerals but now supply is exceeding demands of diamonds.  But one cannot deny with the fact that the process of extracting diamonds is cumbersome. If you are baffled with the high price of diamonds even after the easy availability then De beers marketing strategies are responsible for it. De Beers creates fake scarcity of diamonds and then sells diamonds in small amount to keep the price sky rocketed.
  • How diamond was used earlier? If you are in entranced and enchanted by the elegance and charm of diamonds and taking it as a delicate medium of expressing love then reverse your statements and go beyond the lovely cuddly version of diamonds. As before engagement rings came into existence diamonds were used as polishing tool. Yes! This deliciously delicate diamond was used in various other harsh purposes. Before 4,500 yrs ancient Chinese used diamonds to polish ceremonial burial axes in the late Stone Age. Even today 80% of diamonds are used for industrial purposes like cutting, drilling and polishing.
  • Moon Sized Diamond: Believe it or not, diamond of moon size are also available so are not at all rare or scarce. Diamond of around 10 billion trillion carats has been discovered by astronomer Travis Metcalfe of the Harvard-Smithsonain University of Astrophysics.
  1. Some Famous Diamonds:  There are some rare and amazing diamonds species are available which are as following: The Hope Diamond– The Hope diamond which is now housed in The Smithsonian Natural History Museum is the deep blue diamond to the naked eyes due to the trace amounts of boron with its crystal structure but emits red light if exposed to ultra violet rays. The ownership of this diamond has changed several times so it has travelled India, U.S., France and Britain and is the most famous diamond of the world. Its popularity has a specific reason which can be termed as its ‘cursed history or superstition’. It is said that the possession of this diamond is fatal to the owner and brings miseries to the possessor.
  2. KohI- Noor: Known as Kohinoor in Hindi, this diamond is the most known one in the world of diamonds and weighs 105.6 carats. Its origin is from Andhra Pradesh state of India, this diamond belonged to various Hindu, Rajputs, Afgan, Iranian, Mughals and British kings. The precious diamond is currently set into the crown of Elizabeth at Tower Of London.


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