Diamond: How to use them carefully without going wrong?

diamond-ring-selectionDiamonds being woman’s best friend is most common perception and men go beyond their pocket limits to impress the love of his life by presenting her the best diamond jewellery. However, often one tends to forget and we must keep in mind few things before placing an order for diamond jewellery, whether it is a ring or any kind of jewellery. You must really be attentive before buying one, as no one would want that their hard-earned money gets spent in false diamond stones. Hence, there is no harm in being cautious when it comes to diamonds.

If you have done even a bit of research on the diamonds, then you must know that now even the man-made diamonds are being made, however the enigma attached to naturally formed diamonds mined from earth, never dies. Hence, it is must that you do bit of study before putting up your money in diamond jewellery. In layman’s language, we’re putting forth a few points, following which you won’t commit a mistake in buying the real Indian diamond. For the same, you must make sure of four things, which are: Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. Now, keep in mind that for once, you can think of negotiating on the clarity and colour, but it would be advisable that you never ever compromise on cut and carat as it depends on these two that how beautiful the diamond would look and also its resale value depending on these two factors, so keep in notice.

Cut: Let’s discuss about the cut of diamond to start with. There are various cuts of diamond available like you can find them in square, pear, cushion, heart, princess and so on. However, in well-cut diamond you can see the radiance as the light go in from above and it illuminates off the sides. While in poorly cut gem, the light pass through the out and through the bottom, and this way the diamond doesn’t look that shiny at all. Needless to mention, a poor cut affects the value as well as the magnificence of the piece.

Clarity: It is the blemishes on or within the diamond verify the clarity of the piece, as the more the flawless the diamond, the more will be its price value. You may be intrigued to know that the flawless and internally flawed diamonds are very rare to find. While the diamonds which fall under the grade of VSI1- VSI2 upto VVSI1-VVSI2 won’t cost you too much, and they are commonly used in diamond engagement rings.

Colour: When we think of diamonds, we think of colorless or white gems, but, they are also found in vivid colours, like pink, green and blue, however, these find are really rare and if you are looking for one in good quality, then it would cost you in lakhs. While choosing a diamond ring for women with S2- I1, it would be impossible for anyone but a trained jeweller to pick out a colour, as for others it is next to impossible. Hence it is advised that you buy the diamond jewellery from well-trusted jeweller.

Carat: It is the unit of measurement which one can use to weigh the diamond. If we put it in easy words, a cart is equal to 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. By now you must have figured out that more the carats, the more would be the price, while color and clarity also counts in. So, you can prioritize, like if you want to buy big diamond, than compromise on the clarity and colour. But, if your first preference is quality, go for smaller size of the diamond, which is superior in carat weight and cut.

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