Delicate diamond jewellery: How to handle it with care?

Even though diamonds happens to be the hardest material on earth but despite that it does require the consistent care as they are not indestructible. The common saying goes that the diamond can only be cut and polished by another diamond, but you must know that just a hard blow is required to chip them up. Diamonds, whether you buy it or they are gifted ones, they are always a thoughtful investment as we all are well aware of the fact that sparklers doesn’t come cheap, and also not everyone can afford them. Some even consider these rocks as one of their most precious assets and are attached to them emotionally. The legacy of diamonds has been such that they have been passed on from generations to generations, and it has been going on since hundred years now.

That’s why everyone would want that the sparklers’ spark remain there forever, and it is a must to take care of them so that they last beyond a lifetime. Here are few tips we have come up with, which would come handy when it comes to taking care of the diamonds.

Visit a jeweler: To start with, you must visit a professional jeweler once in a year at the very least. And make sure that the jeweler is trustworthy. You will require getting your diamond jewellery cleaned by a professional. But make sure that you don’t get your diamonds re-polished more often, as that would in turn have an effect on its quality. Ultra-sonic cleaning will be good enough. The professional cleaning is quite necessary for your diamond jewellery as due to the natural oils from the human skin, dirt deposits on the diamonds, due to which it lose its sheen.

Do-It-Yourself at home: Even though professional help is necessary, but you can also do it at home and the result won’t disappoint you at all. As diamond’s being ladies’ best friend, they wear it on daily basis, and the oils, creams, hairspray, and other household chemicals which one uses almost every day, can be quite damaging for your rock and they may lose the luster. If you are doing it at home, then soak your delicate jewellery in the warm water which has few drops of ammonia mixed into it. Let the jewellery remain in the water overnight, and by morning, the spark would be back as if you have got some new rock altogether.

Store the jewellery in a pouch: The best way to store your sparklers is to keep them singly in a soft pouch as that way you will keep them away from the humidity. Make sure that you don’t bunch your jewellery together as that way it would end up with the scratches.

Other than that, keep in mind that while doing the household chores you don’t wear these precious stones as housecleaning chemicals can cause irreversible damage to your jewellery. Also in case of any lose stone, immediately take your jewelry to the jeweler and get it fixed before it falls off without coming to your notice. In case, you are keen on adding more diamonds to your jewellery closet, visit, where you can buy them at exclusive discounts.

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