Crystal jewellery a perfect and must have accessory for today’s diva!

Crystal jewellery may be a new word for traditional and folks but the piece is favorite of today’s youngsters and fashions freaks. It is simply appealing and perfect to match with your attire for every occasion offering a wide range of choices. As the name describes, crystal jewellery is crafted using crystals rather than precious gemstones. They can look gorgeous with gold, silver and platinum jewellery or you can wear them as a crystal pendant, bracelet, anklet or armlet to sparkle your presence to turn heads towards you.

Crystal jewellery is an affordable alternate of fine, precious gemstone jewellery you can wear to add a million dollars smile to your face without breaking the bank. Crystals are softer than diamonds and can be created in various shades, designs and shapes so they are perfect to suit your personal choices. Moreover they fit to your pockets very well.

What is crystal jewellery?



Traditionally crystals can be classified into two categories – natural crystal and artificial crystals. Most semi-precious stones like amethyst, citrine, rose quartz, milky quartz, etc. are examples of natural crystals (or also known as quartz). While artificial crystals are created in lab and controlled process using scientific techniques. Often the term ‘crystal jewellery’ is used to describe artificial crystal jewellery.

How it came into existence?



First crystal jewellery came into existence in 1950 after Swarovski launched its own branded crystal products utilizing crystals into everyday life. Swarovski launched its own range of home decor, chandeliers, crystal glass sculptures, jewellery and much more to create market for its branded crystals. Soon it got popular after celebrities accepted it to flaunt off their curvaceous figures.

Nowadays crystal are used for various purposes. You can use them in Feng Shui, meditation, crystal healing, crystal jewellery, home decor and many more. You can wear them for psychic protection, spiritual wellness and to be one among the mass sparkling your glamours appearance.

Why crystal jewellery is popular?



1. Crystals are available in almost all shapes, colors, shades or can be altered as per personal styles. You can wear crystals with any precious metal whether it is silver, gold or platinum creating a beautiful rainbow effect with colored crystals.

2. It is pocket friendly. You don’t have to pay too much you pay for diamonds, sapphires, ruby, pearl or emeralds. Meanwhile crystal jewellery can produce similar effects to these precious gemstones giving you a big money saving smile.

3. Crystals can be customized so you can make them bigger or smaller, thicker or thinner, colorless or color, even you can create your favorite designs easily.

4. Crystal jewellery offers protective energy to secure you against negative psychic energy as well as increasing spiritual energy through awaken chakras even you can utilize to heal yourself or someone your favorite.

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