Colors Trends for Spring/Summer 2014: Pick the jewelry in these trendy hues!

color-colors-spring-2014-pantone-trendsThe Spring/Summer 2014 is going to be all about colors, at least in fashion trends, whether it comes to clothes, accessories, or make up, you will comes across various vibrant hues, which you will instantly fall in love with. Going by the Pantone search, besides radiant orchid being the color of the year 2014, other hues like celosia orange, freesia, placid blue, dazzling blue, violet tulip, cayenne, paloma, sand and hemlock will be seen everywhere. So don’t shy away from setting your wardrobe as per these color trends, and you better give a rest to color-blocking, at least for a while.

While you must already be having clothing line in these colors, so it would be advised that you arrange your accessories and make-up as per these shades as well. This year, fashion trends are quite promising, and we must say that jewelry industry won’t be left behind. In fact the jewelry designs are already matching steps with the fashion industry, and they are coming up with delicate designs which could suit the clothing trends this year.

Make sure that you never wear the jewelry which is in matching color with your attire, as that would be biggest fashion faux. Always go for contrast and the same applies with makeup trends as well. Like if you are going for black dress, then sport the hue such as purple in accessory as well as make-up. This way you will master the art of contrasting. So, let your imagination go as far as it can, and then be ready to bag appreciation for the output.

Now lets’ discuss the colours which would be ruling this season:

Radiant Orchid: This hue comes with a beautiful mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink tinges. You have just found the perfect shade for Spring 2014 to reveal your feminine and exuberant side.

Placid Blue: This soft and lovely blue shade symbolizes inner peace and calmness, and at the same time, it reveals your ravishing side as well.

Violet Tulip: Perfect blend of blue and purple undertones, this shade has a romantic appeal to it, and it best goes with yellow, orange and red.

Hemlock: It may remind of Pantone color of 2013, Emerald Green, but in actual, it is quite different from it, and has a fresh and clean appeal to it.

Sand: This light shade of brown is perfect for summer look.

Paloma: This can be called as new black, and can be worn on any of the outfit and it will come out as ideal always. It has the air of elegance which will enamor your look.

Cayenna: For red, and opt for his spicy hue this season. Collect as many accessory pieces in this color and you won’t be disappointed.

Celosia Orange: Again a warm color, this will go best with violet tulip and radiant orchid.

Dazzling blue: This tone goes best with pastels and white and it is must for your spring and summer clothing.

Freesia: It’s a near shade of yellow and goes best with white color.

Make sure you have all kinds of jewelry in these colors, whether cuffs, earrings, pendants, watches, bracelet, necklaces, rings, and we’re sure that you’re going to turn many heads towards your effervescent style.

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