Classy ways to accentuate your polka dots dress!

apolka-dot-125The funda with fashion is what goes around comes around. As we have already came across few vintage styles like crop tops, upper-waist jeans making comeback, now is the time for polka dots, which are back in a huge way. Fashionistas are making all efforts to track their kind of polka dot dresses and gaining the attention. Everything from clothing, shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, the polka dot trend is just everywhere. The polka dot dress can also be best accentuated with accessories like jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats. Here we will discuss the few methods to look like an ultimate diva in your polka dot clothing.

1. To start with, first settle on the color which you are keen on donning to ornament your polka dot dress. It depends on what is the color of the polka dots, the most common ones are black, red and white. So if you are wearing a combination of black and white, it would be best to team it up with monochrome jewelry pieces, i.e. black and white. For a hint of hue, throw in a colorful scarf or bag in colors like red, green, yellow, pink, purple

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or blue. You can also go with your much loved color.

2. Decide on the kind of accessories you would love to wear, and this can depend on the size of the polka dots on the dress. For instance, if there are larger polka dots, go with a couple large accessories. However, in case of smaller polka dots, a couple of smaller accessories and one large one would suffice. Never carry all the accessories like a scarf, a hat, a purse, a belt, earrings, a necklace or bracelets altogether. Rather go with combinations such as at first go with a colorful scarf, then, a pair of earrings and chunky bracelets of same color, a large purse and a hat, a necklace and a belt.

3. Over-accessorizing must also be avoided. Don’t carry accessories in multiple colors. For a black and white polka dot dress, you can add a pop of color with a red hat, sequined black purse, red footwear, and black and white bracelet. However, if it is the combination of red and white polka dots, wrap a black belt around your waist, further accenting with black shoes, red earrings and a black purse.

4. Keep in mind that your footwear must not be too detailed or complex. Get a simple pair of flats or pumps for the perfect look. It is best to not go with too strappy shoes or ones like stilettos, as that can overpower the style of the dress.

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