Citrine: November birthstone of hope, health & good luck!

Related to hope, cheerfulness, youth, health, fidelity and good luck, Citrine is the first choice of most astrologers whenever you ask them to heal your business, health and relationship. None other stone except citrine can do wonder to relieve the worst monetary and medical emergencies. Respected as the birthstone of November, citrine is also used as replacement of yellow sapphire and yellow diamond as the two stones are too costly to buy for common people.

What is Citrine?



Citrine, the traditional birthstone of Scorpio zodiac sign is a variation of quartz found in nature. However natural citrines are rare and most commercial citrines are created through heat treatment of amethyst. A real citrine contains Fe3+, a key factor to colorize it yellow.

Citrine got its name from French word, ‘Citron’ (or lemon) as it contains the juicy lemon color. It is associated with 17th marriage anniversary also and is gifted to each other by the married couples during 17th year of their successful marriage.

Physical properties of Citrine

Alike amethyst, topaz, onyx and tiger’s eye, Citrine is one of many species of quartz and is found in nature. However finding a perfect yellow citrine is rare since it is created in lab using heat treatment on amethyst gemstone which has been gifted generously by the Mother Nature.

The semiprecious stone is not as hard as other diamond or sapphire containing hardness of 7 at Mohs scale and it can’t be scratched with a knife. Mostly citrine is mined in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar and former USSR.

Mystical properties of Citrine



The mystical yellow stone serves all purposes what a yellow diamond or yellow sapphire or topaz can offer. It revives lost health, business and friends providing positive energy in order to bring a good fortune to the wearer. Known as lucky ‘Merchants Stone’, citrine carries many successful stories motivating peoples to keep it forever.

Magical Properties of Citrine

Citrine belongs to fire element and shields against nightmare, self-destructive behaviors eliminating fear. Linked with Manipura Chakra or Solar Plexus this yellow magical stone relieves negative energy surrounding the holder making him more enthusiast, courageous converting him into an attractive personality.

Healing Properties of Citrine



In crystal healing, the yellow stone is used to cure depression, mood disorder, balancing digestion, cleansing spleen, liver, kidneys, constipation, kidney, bladder infections, urinary problems, anemia and asthma. It is also regarded as stone of success so don’t forget to wear a bright shining yellow citrine next time you need something special to care your health, business and relationship as well as if you are a November born or Scorpion.

How to Use Citrine?

It’s quite easy and fun. Simply wear it in a jewellery item like bracelet, amulet, pendant or necklace. Girls have more choices then men including earrings, necklaces, bangles, belts, belly rings or nose pin. If you are a minimalistic person and is (mental) allergic to jewellery, keep it in your purse, below your pillow. In case your friend, relative or family member is suffering from misfortune and does not believe in magic, gift them a jewellery piece crafted with bright yellow citrine, and ask them to wear it regularly without telling the magical properties of citrine.

Precautions with Citrine Jewellery



Citrine belongs to soft gems’ classifications. It loses its yellow color if exposed to sunlight or bright indoor lights for hours. Therefore it should be kept away from prolonged exposure to strong light or heat. With this precaution, citrine jewelry will last for many generations.

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