Choose the right earring style as per your face shape!

earrings face shapeEarrings do add great flair to your personality and there is no doubt about it. There are varieties of earrings style out there, like bold dangle, studs, chandelier, mismatched. But do you know that like you choose sunglasses as per your face shape, earrings also needs to be chosen the same way. By shopping for the earrings as per faces shapes, one can buy the perfect earrings. Also when it comes to earrings, it may happen that the style which is suggested for each face shape possibly will not work for some women. It is rather necessary to stress on the overall shape of an earring rather that only focusing on the style. For instance, dangle earrings come in wide variety of shapes.

Let’s discuss here which earring style suit which face shape:

Oval Faces: Mostly every style of earrings look good on oval shaped faces. However, oval-shaped dangling earrings particularly make for a dazzling look. This earring style will accentuate the face’s pleasing shape with no added width or length. At the same time, teardrop style earrings also look very stunning on woman with oval face-shape. Just like oval dangling earrings, tear-drop style also draw attention to face’s natural shape and form a sense of balance or poise.

Round Faces: Woman with round faces can successfully try on to further lean-in their faces and play down the swollen appearance by opting for teardrop and dangle earrings. It would be suggested to go for pieces that have long, angular designs instead of rounded designs. Dangling circular discs are again a big no-no for round faces as they would make the face look wider. Going for earrings of a thin to medium width would never prove out to be wrong for women with round faces.

Heart-shaped faces: For heart-shaped faces, earrings with elongated lines and curves would be the best as they would balance out the face and will highlight the eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line. Dangle, teardrop and chandelier earrings prove to be best choice for women with heart-shaped faces. And if you can go for chandelier earrings in diamond shape, nothing would beat the look.

Square Faces: This face-shaped woman must go for rounded design as that would soften the cheekbones and jaw line. Elongated, dangling pieces and hoop earrings are just the best choice. For a striking look, choose oversized hoops that brush the jaw line

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or extend below the jaw line, as they would again soften the face and it will appear smaller.

So be ready to highlight your natural face shape by going for perfect earrings. You can find the best designs at!

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