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Ever watched the sunset over the ocean on a scorching summer evening? Noticed that impressive orange shade that bounces around the clouds and touches your soul to keep you warm? Capture that sensation again with the deep orange colours of Citrine Jewellery. Citrine, the birthstone of November is flexible, durable gem ideal for citrine earrings, rings and/or pendants.

Birthstones are said to date back to the shield of Aaron which enclosed twelve gemstones indicating the twelve tribes of Israel. There are numerous variations of birthstones and allied birthstone colours. It is believed that wearing a gemstone of birthday month provides spiritual healing power and keeps away evil spirits.

Month: November

Birthstone: November born individuals are blessed with the gentle, healing Citrine.

Qualities: Peace, Prosperity, Loyalty, Healing and Creativity

The Citrin gemstone is also famous as the ‘Healing Quartz’ in several sects. In ancient times, citrine was worn to protect against evil thoughts. But now, people use Citrine for upliftment. The gemstone promotes the yellow ray to sustain the body.

Properties of Citrine

  • Citrine is a form of quartz and the sister of Amethyst.
  • It is also a symbol of strength and hope.
  • It is considered to have medicinal qualities which are used to provide solutions for kidney and urinary complications.
  • Extensively used to improve the function of heart and digestive system.
  • Remove toxins from the body and treat muscular disorders.
  • The vibrant colour and fire of the citrine has always been symbolic of healing, as fire represents strength and power.

Citrine Colour and Shape

Citrine colours vary from a soft, illuminated yellow to a golden-orange. Jewellers adore using citrine in their designs; therefore, citrine comes in several shapes- oval, pear-shaped, round, heart-shaped, and rectangular. Emerald-cut and Cushion-cut citrine show fancy facets for taking advantage of the stone’s natural glow.

For creating a more fashion-forward appearance, casual, rough-cut is sequenced into multi-strand neckpieces or stretch bracelets.

Citrine Styles and Motifs

Citrine’s tone makes it look good in floral design and also can look attractive in a heart pendant. But if these are too quirky for you, then enjoy the natural beauty of a large citrine stone with our classics.

For sparkling effect, try a lavish citrine sterling silver earrings or beauteous citrine pendant set. Citrine floral earrings will make you look flirtatious, while citrine rhodium plated brass ring will light up your look during the day.

Citrine Clarity and Luster

Citrine is famous for its exceptional transparency. The gemstone has a striking luster when cut and polished.

The citrine is an attention-grabbing accessory that can add glam to an outfit. View our collection of citrine jewelry. We’re certain you will find your piece!

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