Celebrate Akshaya Tritiya with chandelier earrings that will make you go wow!

earrings_chandelierAkshaya Tritiya, one of the four most important days for Hindus, is ahead and it says no day is more appropriate than this to purchase big things, like car, house, jewellery and many others. It is believed that things we buy on the day will remain shimmering and eternal. So the idea of buying jewellery will be a good one for all. Every year, during this auspicious occasion, there is a frenetic rush seen on jewellery shops, but we understand that practically it is not possible for everybody to spend long hours in the shops, especially when you are stuck between job and home assignments, altogether. Don’t worry folks online shopping is one great and popular medium to get you everything at your doorsteps.

Celebrate the occasion with style and elegance buying chandelier earrings, the most glamorous earrings that you can wear on the day to glow. You can choose from gold and silver studded with precious gemstones that have the biggest wow factor to the. Well, not only do they attract loads of compliments, they’re also guaranteed to add to sparkle to all your Akshaya Tritiya photos. But few things you really need to take care with chandelier earrings.

Here are some do’s and don’ts that help you to get the maximum eyeballs.

Select the right size for you: It is important to select earrings as per your face shape. Women with petite face and features should go with medium size earrings. Avoid oversize earrings as they make you look small. Round face women can elongated with longer chandeliers, while oval can go with any size.

Avoid statement necklace: Two statement jewelries together is a big no. Your earrings are enough to make you appealing so you don’t need to clutter your look by adding more bling around your neck. Pair your earrings with simple pendant to accessorize but chances are you don’t even need it.

Tie your hair up: If you want to flaunt your earrings then don’t let your hair open. Show off the beauty of your chandelier earrings by putting your hair up in an elegant bun or high ponytail. Sweep your hair away from your ears to let your jewels really shine.

Don’t wear them to the office or during the day: These earrings are simply for night events, parties and other functions. They dress up an outfit and sparkle beautifully at night. Not very professional for the office, but if you want to, opt for small chandeliers.

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